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Steve Beckow – Firming Up the Process – 17 March 2012

I’d like to continue with my exploration from yesterday (1) of what I can bank on when I lack certain knowledge. I think it’s important in the weeks and months ahead to have a process that helps us choose what version to accept among competing versions and what side to support when we lack certainty.

What can we fall back on to restore our confidence and courage when we don’t have the assurance of certain knowledge and face an attempt to make us fearful and hesitant?

Our Discernment

My obligation to discern makes it vital that I look to see what remains consistent and uncontradicted within and among the versions of events presented to me. It requires me to ask: What’s the most probable, possible, and plausible of outcomes? What’s the most likely account and outcome of things?

What remains consistent and uncontradicted for me in regard to the 2012 scenario is that there is a divine order, a natural law, and a divine plan. For me, that divine order includes the benevolent assistance of Earth’s ascended masters and the celestials in the overthrow of the cabal and the journey to Ascension. I accept their assertion through our sources that it was they who called the galactics to our aid at this time in our history.

I accept that the sources saying this are widespread, influential and compelling in their words whereas the sources saying that this is not so are few in number, uninfluential and not compelling in their words. I choose to side with those who say it’s so.

I accept that that divine order includes the natural law and that those who credibly justify their actions (or inaction) on the basis of it and credibly describe how it informs their relationship with Earth deserve my support. The Company of Heaven, which includes the Galactic Federation of Light and the Ashtar Command, credibly explain their actions and inaction on the basis of the laws of free will, attraction, and karma.

The voices raised against them don’t credibly do so. They make no appeal to natural law but simply say that the Company of Heaven is associated with darkness based on their word alone. I choose to side with the Company of Heaven.

I accept that there is a divine plan for this age and that it is being acted on before our eyes in part through:

  • the neutralizing of manmade pandemics and equally-toxic vaccines,
  • the ending of chemtrails causing Morgellon’s Disease,
  • the removal of depleted uranium and other forms of radioactivity from the atmosphere,
  • the terraforming of the Earth,
  • the neutralizing of nuclear and weather-warfare weapons,
  • the prevention of a planned World War III kickstarted by the bombing of Iran
  • the formation of people’s freedom movements around the world,
  • the destruction of the command centers of the cabal,
  • the resignation, removal and arrest of cabal members occurring right now,
  • and all other similar actions that the Company of Heaven are carrying out or sustaining that I know about.

Those who oppose the Company of Heaven cannot point to any such consistent and practical program aimed at our aid. They rely on their allegations only and can point to no discernible role for the forces they support in Earth’s history at this time. On this basis, I again choose to side with the Company of Heaven.

I further accept that, given all the facts before me at present, it’s most probable, possible and plausible that, if the galactics visiting us at the present time had wanted to harm this planet, it is well within their power to have done so by now. They have been here in large numbers for decades now, according to our observations of their ships, including their fleets of ships.

However, rather than harming us, they have delivered on their promises to correct the cabal’s destructive actions, which indicate their benevolent rather than predatory character.

Our Stand

What is the ground we stand on? What are we willing to bank on, invest in, or support? What will we not abandon or desert under any circumstances? What is the stand we take on what confronts us and threatens to overwhelm us?

For me what I will not abandon and desert under any circumstances is God and the God in us. Those coalitions of action whose work is credibly seen to be in support of God and the God in us are those I will support. What they say they will do now when judged against what they have done in the past is what I will use as the basis of my stand and my support.

My review of what the Company of Heaven has done in our aid and what they say they will do eloquently says to me that they are here at the behest of the Divine to effect the divine plan for this age, which is Ascension. My stand is to support them.

Moreover, I stand on my own courage, resoluteness, and strength. I don’t stand simply on their help or wisdom, but on my own internal fibre and resources. In the last analysis, what is rock bottom for me and what I stand on is my own assessment and my own word. My assessment is that they are credible and beneficent. My word is to support them and turn aside from their detractors.

After calm and deliberate reflection on all the factors above, what role or part do I choose to play? I choose to be the voice of one who credibly promises an end to the rule of darkness on this planet. I choose to be the voice of one who argues for the release of the Earth’s population from falsehood, poverty, and control. I choose to be the voice of one who extends to the people of Earth assistance to ascend.

If it be not the Company of Heaven who does these things, if it be some other coalition than those who’ve offered themselves as our benefactors, then the real Company of Heaven knows I work for them and will accept my aid. If no other Company of Heaven comes forward at this time, then that again is a proof that those who have come forward truly deserve that designation.

Our Inner Voice

How do I resonate with what I’ve decided? When I submit my discernment and stand to my inner self, what is its response? When I say what I say above, the response of my inner voice and self is to bestow on me courage and confidence. Based on its assent, I take comfort in my assessment and stand.


(1) “What Can We Bank On?” at http://the2012scenario.com/2012/03/what-can-we-bank-on/

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