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UFO Fleets, Triangle Shaped Craft and More in Last 10 Days – 10 November 2011

UFO Fleets, Triangle Shaped Craft and More in Last 10 Days.

via SteveBeckow.com by BZ Riger

Click on the link above and see the displays of UFO Crafts in youtube videos


Compendium of UFO Fleets

By Steve Beckow via http://www.SteveBeckow.com posted 22 October 2011. The videos show up on the  compedium link.

This collection of videos on UFO fleets will be continuously updated and reposted. Arranged in reverse chronology.

Many videos of fleets over Paraguay, London, New York, Moscow and many other familiar clips have been removed or are no longer available. It’s amazing to see how many Youtube accounts for people who’ve posted fleet shots in the past have been cancelled. Here are fleet shots that have survived.

Link to original article Compendium of UFO Fleets here are all videos for viewing.

Fleets and Airport Shutdowns, Aug. 2011

Fleets and Airport Shutdowns, Aug. 2011. Via SteveBeckow.com

if the video not open double click to open in new window. If they black out it can be the online connection with the post or youtube posting is gone.  Update: Steve Beckow has removed two of the films in his post 2 september after discussing the possibility it were planes. The last option, planes, was the most likely.






Fleets, Motherships … Read All About It!

Fleets, Motherships … Read All About It!.

By Steve Beckow/ SteveBeckow.com