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John Ward – Hacking, Data Fraud, Floodplains, Fitups & Budget Lies: The Government Is Running Out Of Places To Hide – 23 March 2014


What price there’ll be a Labour Government after 2015? What good might come from a Labour Government after 2015?

The press barons may choose to ignore the goings on at the Old Bailey for the time being, but they can’t for much longer. Day by day and brick by brick, a skyscraper of compelling evidence is being built by the prosecution, and absorbed by the jury…and thus far, it seems to be dominating the landscape of this Hacking conspiracy trial. It began at the end of October, and so we should be able to assume that, by mid April at the latest, the jury will be asked to retire and consider their verdicts on seven counts of illegal privacy invasion and conspiracy to pervert justice. Continue reading