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Visionkeeper – Follow The Light And You’ll Get There – 21 August 2013

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I don’t believe any truer words were ever spoken than ‘Follow your heart’ which in essence is following the light.You can’t go wrong on this path, all doors lead to heaven on this path. So what stops so many from getting on this glorious path and staying on it? Ego trips plain and simple. Ego interferes and pushes us off onto another set of train tracks and kaboom! We’re lost. We just can’t let the argument drop, we just have to get the last word in, we just have to cast judgment upon someone else, we blame others for our mistakes rather than looking within ourselves. There are any number of games ego pulls us into if we allow it and that does not bode well for our outcome. Ego has a nasty way of making us think only of ourselves and our own situations, the whole of everyone around us means nothing. We cannot create our fabulous new world if we remain stuck in ego’s grasp. It is time to step back and work hard to release ourselves from egos hold it has over us if we truly want to be free. Continue reading