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Follow The Ride For The Constitution / #T2SDA ( Will Update) – 11 October 2013


There where traffic cameras out and there are now national guard troops in busses etc on several places ready to intervene. The mainstream media is reporting selectively on the news about T2SDA. People need to be aware. There needs support from the people coming up soon. The game is on now.

The website was Facebook Page was forced down due to too much traffic.  The traffic is redirected to this website : http://ridefortheconstitution.org/ (without www.) like displayed here copy and paste in your browser)  you can follow the thing live.

Live webcam of  I-95 N Of I -195

Link to video

Live webcam of I-95 AT MD 216

Link to video


Link to raw video  fo Video Trucker Protest  by NBC Washington

More trucks coming in…

Look also at other alternative media reporting: