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ActivistPost – California’s Big Water Plans; The End Of Private Water Rights? – 13 March 2015

Logo_activistpost-comJamie Lee
Activist Post

Drought-stricken California, which just had its driest January ever recorded, smashed another dismal record last month: the hottest February. This will be the 5th year in a row of historic drought in California, breaking a 120year-old record.

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Turkey: Turning Mayoral Elections Into Armageddon Rehearsal – 30 March 2014

RT logoAuthor : Nadezhda Kevorkova is a war correspondent who has covered the events of the Arab Spring, military and religious conflicts around the world, and the anti-globalization movement.

The battle between Turkish jedis is raging in the midst of pastoral Turkish life. To those who know nothing about Gülen and Erdoğan garlands of blue and orange flags of the two major parties in the streets may seem like decorations for a city festival.

On March 30, such a common affair as local elections in Turkey will turn into a battle between two iconic characters of the XXI century – Recep Tayyip Erdoğan and Fethullah Gülen.

None of them will be running that day, but Turkey’s future as well as the future of the whole Middle East – the place where the world’s destiny is determined, no matter how stilted it may sound – depends on how many of Erdoğan’s candidates win elections.

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Sandra Walter – March Magnetics And Upcoming Q&A Call – 2 March 2014

SandraWalterBlessings Dear Light Tribe,

March promises to be an exciting month for our process: Challenging, yet beautiful. While planetary magnetic shifts do their best to shake things up energetically – the physical structure as well as old systems – keep in heart that the purpose is to shake loose the collective fear of change. Sometimes when we know dramatic change is upon us, we tend to tense up and hold our breath energetically. Please breathe freely and act from abundance to balance the collective inhale as things change. Hands to heart, stay calm and centered. Continue reading

Infinite Waters – How To Make A Living Without Losing Your Life – 18 October 2013

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Mish/ Mike Shedlock – Japan “Wins”2020 Olympics : Final Nail In Yen Coffin? – 12 September 2013

MishMikeShedlockJapan is all aglow that it “won” the 2020 summer Olympics.

“When I heard the name Tokyo, I was so touched, overwhelmed,” said Shinzo Abe, Japan’s prime minister. “The joy was even greater than when I won my own election.”

“Japan has seemed to be overshadowed by the rise of China and other developing nations,” said Harumi Arima, an independent political analyst. “These Olympics will give Japanese a chance to feel reborn, to feel for themselves that Japan can still be vibrant.”

Touching Indeed

Let’s assume Japan clears its nuclear waste dump in time. Then let’s assume the same rate of “success” in these Olympics as other nations experienced in past Olympics.

Mike “Mish” Shedlock

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Infinite Waters – How To Forgive Yourself (The Secret And The POWER) – 31 August 2013

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IntelliHub – Fukushima Residents: Highly Contaminated Radioactive Waste Burning In Samegawa – 18 July 2013

Intel-Hub-Logo-I-1The following statement was released by citizens in the Southern part of the Fukushima prefecture in Japan. The information is far more than disturbing to say the least.

July 18, 2013

From the residents of Fukushima Prefecture; Continue reading