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Jamye Price – Weekly Lightblast – Forced Power – 9 August 2012

We are in a phase of release, letting go.  It takes a master’s careful observation, patience and courage to assess with honesty.  You are responsible for the Self only, and yet part of that responsibility entails the collective, as the Self can not be fully extricated from All Life.  We eat it, breathe it, imbibe it and share what we have processed within.  The circle continues.  When you interact with yourself, you are still emitting vibrational information into the Field of Life.  When you interact with another, it seems more impactful because we have something solid in front of us, yet Lightwarriors know better.  Creation begins within, in the malleable and responsive subtle waves seeking particle form.  It is here, within, that control has its benefit; though that control is merely focus, and that focus is Love. Continue reading