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NaturalNews – S.D. Wells – Coming Soon To Amerika: Implanted Tracking Devices, Forced Vaccinations And Euthanizing The Sick, Weak And Feeble-Minded – 7 March 2015

NaturalNewss Logo-April-2014(NaturalNews) Oh, the power of the pen, the sword and the needle. Politicians invest their own family fortunes into campaigns with one major goal in mind — double, triple or quadruple their investment. Most politicians are so steeped in their power trips that they simply lie to everyone, including themselves, all day. On top of that, their decisions that are so heavily based on money are coerced into place by lobbyists from very powerful corporations, just as it was in the days of Adolf Hitler. His “Monsanto” was called IG Farben. That was the pharmaceutical conglomeration that ran the vaccine and death camp gas industry, and that was the HUGE corporation that the USA conveniently DID NOT bomb. Why? Continue reading