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Lucas – Ron Van Dyke His Home Unlawful Auctioned Today – 16 February 2012

Uploaded by Paradoxman316 on 16th February 2012

The fact that PNC Bank and its attorney chose to proceed with the “foreclosure sale” in light of the Affidavit of Negative Averment filed with the court was shocking! What they called an “auction” was a charade. I was there. My home was sold without due process of law; in fact the court broke many laws in this saga of a lawsuit that has never gone to trial. Now, they will likely order the police to break their oath of office and uphold the criminal actions they have taken. What can we do when courts and police break the law?

Lucas : Ron could use all of your help as this is the real face of what is going on in the world. Stealing and be supported with this from  lawyers, judges and police officials that acted all unlawful.

This injustice, theft and unlawfull actions should be brought to public and the media.




Pat Donworth – Taibbi: Good Foreclosure Deal Could Open The Door To Ending Up With Half Of Wall Street In Jail – 29 January 2012

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