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Rick DiClemente – Freebie “THE EXQUISITE ZODIAC” Book Is Free Worldwide! – 22 April 2014




THE EXQUISITE ZODIAC For TWO DAYS, this coming Friday and Saturday, April 25 and 26, The Exquisite Zodiac will be a free download for Kindle users. This book is not a Sun-sign book, but rather is a detailed deep analysis of each sign’s archetypal essence – why each sign is the way it is and what it means for you. The secrets of each sign of the zodiac. Please spread the word to your friends as this will only be available for free for just those two days on Amazon’s Kindle. Please add your review to Amazon after you have read it! Enjoy!

P.S.  Amazon provides FREE apps that allow everyone to read Kindle books on the device of their choice – PC, MAC, tablets, and mobile phones. YOU DO NOT NEED A KINDLE DEVICE