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Eileen Meyer – Freedom From Knowledge – 11 August 2013

eileenmeyerI remember when I first came across Krishnamurti’s work. His writings literally saved my life, as back in the 90′s I had not been in a very balanced place with the years of systematic “ripping of the veil” events that brutally exposed me to what lay “outside the box”. My heart and soul lay bare as a result of all the Big Giant Love visits that some would refer to as ET contact, and some with a label of Kundalini. At the time, I had little to no reflection with other people about it. I found that the usual avenues of so-called spiritual folk in my midst – i.e. ministers, psychics, and therapists – only made things more confusing. I was, after all, conversing with and attempting to glean insight within their own “addictions to knowledge”. Continue reading