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Less Than Half Of Britons, French, Germans Support EU’s Involvement In Ukraine – Poll – 10 October 2014

RT logoOnly a minority of British, French and German citizens think that the EU should be involved in the settlement of the Ukrainian crisis, while most agreed that crimes against humanity should be investigated first, a new Rossiya Segodnya/ICM poll has found.

Less than a half – 46 percent – of respondents from the three member states support EU involvement in the ongoing crisis in Ukraine, said the ICM poll commissioned by Russia’s Rossiya Segodnya, the state news agency reported Thursday. Altogether, 44 percent of respondents said they support non-involvement.

A majority of Germans – 58 percent – are against EU participation in the crisis, while 35 percent of French citizens are against it. In the United Kingdom, 40 percent are against the idea.

Read the full story at: www.rt.com / link to orginal article

US Money Funds Lending Cuts To French Banks Seen Forcing Sale Of Assets

US Money Funds Lending Cuts To French Banks Seen Forcing Sale Of Assets by Christopher Condon  via Bloomberg.com


My Comment: As event follow each other quickly. The fraud system should be replaced swift.

French Credit downgrade imminent !!! European markets to collapse

Watch with discernment: French Banks credit downgrade are forecasted. We will see if it happens. The consequences are mayor.

UFO fleet above London, UK, August 2011


uploaded on YouTube 22th august 201

French speaking couple filmed UFO fleet and called 999 to report to the police.