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Lisa Gawlas – From Solstice To Equinox : The Arc Of The Convenant – 19 June 2013

heavenHere is so much happening behind the energy of Life, some we can see and recognize, most tho, not even close to being able to comprehend with our minds.  What I do see is exciting even if coupled with the unknown qualities spirit is so good at teasing us with.  And even tho the “field” is under construction a visual remains constant every time I look at it, the new foundation is being poured into every version of reality there is in all existence.  In my vision, it looks like champagne being poured straight from heaven.  This “champagne” of energies will become the temporary foundation in which we facilitate the new world of energy between the solstice and the equinox.  I say temporary because in my days of pondering, I had seen this foundation liquidizing once again near the Equinox in September. Continue reading