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Benjamin Fulford – Reader Update – 4 July 2012

BRICS and Agenda 21

Subject: BRICS and Agenda 21
Hello there Mr. Fulford. I’ve been following what you have to say for the last couple of years with great interest. I was wondering if you could comment on a link I found within the Indian Government’s Ministry of External Affairs website? The link is in regards to the BRICS group. The link basically references all of the stated goals of the Delhi declaration. I’m not a huge fan of Agenda 21 or any plans for global governance that trumps State/National sovereignty. In bullet point #31 inside the link, it appears that the BRICS group seems to agree with Agenda 21 and or be willing to implement/comply with it. Continue reading

Benjamin Fulford – Reader Update – 13 June 2012

Dear Benjamin,
I have been following the posts for a wile now and some questions have
come to mind:
1 Who is going to ensure that the people in charge of the transition
will not be effected be the transition itself?

2 What if someone assumes or buys a mortgage, will they have torelinquish the home that they purchase when the change comes, to theformer owners? Continue reading

Benjamin Fulford – Reader Update – 26 May 2012

Two Feather

これはアパチャー族の武士と北米原住民のspiritual将軍 William Twofeatherとの非公式な儀式の映像である。

This is a video of Benjamin Fulford presiding over an informal ceremony with Apache warrior William Twofeather, spiritual war chief of Turtle Island (North America).

Benjamin Fulford – Reader Updates – 23 May 2012

Exclusive: U.S. lets China bypass Wall Street for Treasury orders

Dear Mr. Fulford,

Can you please tell us what the real significance of this story is (for those of us who don’t speak finance) in your next blog?  It seems like it’s a very important event to a layperson like me.  Thanks so much!

Answer Fulford: Continue reading

Benjamin Fulford – Reader Update – 19 may 2012

Response to a question about gold.

First of all, I need to tell you I am not a market oracle. The price of gold may recover and go higher or it may fall, I simply do not know.I know that historically gold has held its value. You needed the same amount of gold to get a tailor made outfit in ancient Rome and 19th century England as present day Toronto. However, you cannot eat gold. The most important thing is to make sure you have a roof over your head, food on the table and friends and loved ones in your life. Make that your first priority and worry about the rest of the world after that.

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Benjamin Fulford – Reader Update – 13 May 2012

Information from Brazil

 I’d like to call your attention to something, I would say “weird” that’s going on here in Brazil. Just recently, right after the BRICS summit in India, our President Dilma started a nasty offensive on Brazilian private banks, urging them for STRONG interest rate cuts. Brazilian state commercial bank Banco do Brasil slashed its rates by 50% on a single day, in an effort to push the private banks to do so. Continue reading

Benjamin Fulford – Video – 10 May 2012

Uploaded on 8 May 2012 by .

Published on 8 May 2012 by poppletelevision
Only English part from the original video. apparently this video itself has been taped on the end of April.

(Lucas : the video is in part taken from the National Emergency Committee video in april done. The new part is about 10 minutes into the video when Fulford is interviewing Alexander Romanov. Please do keep in mind that you use your discernment in everything your hear, see , read as it might not be your truth, the whole truth or a distorted truth. )

Ben Fulford – Reader Update – 14 March 2012

Question Reader:

Hey Ben –

Awaiting your weekly updates gratefully . . . Very thankful for your
down-to-earth-edness & effort . ..I’m a 55-y-old Persian woman w/a house in Iran and looted future in
the US — do you really KNOW that Iran is gonna be spared another war? Continue reading

Benjamin Fulford – Update – 12 March 2012

Reply from Ben on readers question : Illuminati Use China to Loot the West
Subject: Fwd: Fw: Illuminati Use China to Loot the West

hi ben –  I wonder if you have seen this ?  it seems there is a dual game being played !!  is Ch to be trusted ?? Continue reading

Ben Fulford – About Kerry Cassidy Asking Confirmation On Arrest Bill Gates – 8 March 2012

Kerry Cassidy from Project Camelot contacted Microsoft’s public relations department and asked the following question:


Here was the formal response from Microsoft:

Thank you for your patience as I looked into your request. I have connected with my colleagues and unfortunately we are unable to accommodate your request at this time. I apologize for any inconvenience this may cause. Should you need attribution, please attribute to a Microsoft spokesperson.

Benjamin Fulford

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