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Méline Lafont – Series Of Live Channeling Saint Germain – Serie 1 Part 2 About Money, Funds And How To Work With Incoming Energies (august 1, 2013) – 21 August 2013


People are losing their jobs, they are losing their houses, they so not know where to turn to and that turns to worry and it lowers their energy vibration and it kind of puts them in a position where they’re stuck.  So I guess my questions is how do you use these existing Merkabah energies that we just received and all of the available energies that are here now for us to manifest and create abundance consciousness to help eliminate this worry about money so the vibrations can be raised so people can move up in consciousness.
What message can you give them to help them break out of that cycle or that double edge sward, if you will with respect to money and where they are in their lives? Continue reading