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Lucas – Game On Or Game Over – Guncontrol Battle – Perception – 15 January 2013

guns-art-of-peaceYes, the last resort measures of control are pushed as the argument created by staged attacks on humans via shooting incidents for weapon bans and gun control are not really working yet. The mainstream  media push the control of guns. But it is not about guns it is just about how to get “The People” out of options and a second amendment that does not have any bearing to it  anymore.  Still people focus on guns as the issue. Yes ,”weapons” (the difference lies in the word, a gun as word has no ill or violent intent to it or has a negative load in meaning it is just a thing) are in my view in all sorts and for all measures not about peace or not for peaceful use.  But if the “Corporate USA” has turned sour and taken over total control to get the fraudulent system of  “corporate USA democracy ” working again by getting people out of power then guns become a weapons issue. People are not gonna think about defending themselves with guns from anything if there is not a threat of total control and a fundamental constitutional issue.  Continue reading