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Mish/ Mike Shedlock – What If Tsipras Is Not Bluffing? Who Holds The Upper Hand? What Is Troika’s Biggest Fear? Can Greece Possibly Stay In The Eurozone After Default? – 25 May 2012

I have read countless articles over the past few week stating a belief that Syriza party leader Alexis Tsipras is bluffing in his threat to stay in the euro but default in debts.

Is it remotely possible to default and stay in the eurozone?

Since this is a multi-part question, let’s first address the question “is this a bluff?” Continue reading

John Ward – Euroblown : Why I’m Betting That Germany Will Leave Before Greece – 25 May 2012

Yesterday in Brussels, Herman Van Rompuy opened the anarchic proceedings by saying he sensed “a strong will to compromise”. Something of a surreal soundbite and, as usual with the Nipponese Bard, completely wrong.

The popular maverick site Zero Hedge referred to this week’s Euro-bunfight as ‘yesterday’s dismally predictable non-event summit’  last night.  They’re right on the money about it being just as unproductive as advertised – but actually I think it was highly significant for any number of reasons. Continue reading

Mish/ Mike Shedlock – Flight To Safety : German 2-Year Bonds Yield Hits-Zero; Eurozone Officials Tell Countries To Prepare For Greece Exit – 24 May 2012

The once taboo subject of a Greek departure from the eurozone cracked in the past couple of weeks, primarily with threats to Greece.

Today the exit discussion dam broke wide open as Eurozone tells members to make contingencies for “Grexit”

Euro zone officials have told members of the currency area to prepare contingency plans in case Greece decides to quit the bloc, an eventuality which Germany’s central bank said would be “manageable”. Continue reading

Mish/ Mike Shedlock – Germany Rules Out Eurobonds For 104th Time; Damned If They Do, Damned If They Don’t – 23 May 2012

I have no idea what the actual number of times Germany Has ruled out Eurobonds. It could be 504 or even 1004. I Made up the number 104 which simply means “a lot”.

Nonetheless, the Eurobond idea resurfaces every other week or so, and every time, someone from Germany (typically Merkel, the Bundesbank, or the Finance Minister) rules them out. Continue reading

Stephen Brown – Austerity Blow For Merkel in German State Election – 14 May 2012

German Chancellor Angela Merkel arrives for the German DFB Cup (DFB Pokal) final soccer match between Borussia Dortmund and Bayern Munich at the Olympic stadium in Berlin, May 12, 2012. REUTERS/Fabrizio Bensch

(Reuters) – Chancellor Angela Merkel’s conservatives suffered a crushing defeat on Sunday in an election in Germany’s most populous state, a result which could embolden the left opposition to step up attacks on her European austerity policies.

The election in North Rhine-Westphalia (NRW), a western German state with a bigger population than the Netherlands and an economy the size ofTurkey, was held 18 months before a national vote in which Merkel will be fighting for a third term.

(Reporting by Stephen Brown and Tom Kaeckenhoff in Duesseldorf; Writing by Noah Barkin,Madeline ChambersSarah Marsh in Berlin; Editing by Janet Lawrence)

Read the whole article at:  http://www.jhaines6.wordpress.comlink to article /www.blogs.reuters.com/stephen-brown/    link to original article

Paul O’Brien And Ann Cahill – Germans Put Off Ratifying EU Fiscal Treaty – 11 May 2012

Germans put off ratifying EU fiscal treaty

The Government insists it will proceed with the fiscal treaty referendum even though Germany is delaying its ratification as the fallout from the French and Greek elections continues.

A spokesman for Taoiseach Enda Kenny said the referendum would proceed as planned, saying: “We’re looking forward to a positive outcome on May 31.” Continue reading

Mish / Mike Shedlock – German Central Banks Signlas Willingness For Higher Inflations; Catastrophic Uncertainty VS Catastrophic Certainty – 10 May 2012

As Europe careens towards catastrophic certainty, German finance minister Wolfgang Schäuble admits he more worried about the uncertain rather than the certain.

Please consider Bundesbank signals softening on inflation

The Bundesbank, the most hawkish of central banks, has signalled it would accept higher inflation in Germany as part of an economic rebalancing in the eurozone that would boost the international competitiveness of countries worst-hit by the region’s debt crisis. Continue reading

Mike Shedlock “Mish” – “Eurozone Slides Back Into Recession” Says Markit PMI News Release – Sharp Decline in German Export Business – Misguided Decoupling Theories – 22 March 2012

Inquiring minds are digging into details of the latest Eurozone releases. The Markit Flash Eurozone PMI® says Eurozone slides back into recession as output falls at stronger rate in March Continue reading

John Ward – Eurozone Unravelling : Blue Skies In The Media, Rain Heading For Spain – 22 March 2012

‘U.S. money-market funds sharply increased the amount of euro-zone bank debt they held last month, according to Fitch Ratings, a sign they believe the worst of the debt troubles are over.’ (WSJ)

‘The European Central Bank is falling behind on a €40bn asset purchase programme launched at the height of eurozone crisis, in a sign it could be dropped as a first step towards unwinding huge emergency support for the region’s financial system.’ (FT) Continue reading

John Ward – Revealed : How Berlin Has Been Planning A Euro-Exit Since 2009 – 21 March 2012

Plain banknote paper stockpiled, Bundesdruckerei renationalised

A Slog investigation during the last twenty-four hours suggests that not only is the EU’s system of banknote printing open to easy abuse, Germany ordered a large consignment of plain banknote paper from its main supplier in 2010 – and printed considerably fewer euros than normal…in a eurozone where printing of euros generally was on the increase. Continue reading