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Wes Annac – Played-Upon Separation And The Distrust Of The Galactic Federation – 3 January 2012

A Female-Human Extraterrestrial

This post originates from a comment I posted on Ashtar Command, on a blog post entitled ‘GFL Cover Up’Continue reading


Radio Ann- GFL Communication Pod – 22 November 2011

GFL Communication pod on Radio Ann:

[Hello. This is Ann.] Hello, Ann. This is the GFL communication pod. We are in touch with you on the inner planes. In fact, you are our co-workers. [Workers?] Yes, you and your friends. We address this to your group. Many of you are in the GFL on the inner planes. You clamor for contact. You are the ones with whom you wish to make contact. You are the ones you are waiting for.  Continue reading

GFL: The ‘First’ Contact Mission

GFL: The ‘First’ Contact Mission. orginally via aquariuschannelings.com by Wes Annac 23 October 2011

 Comment by Wes AnnacI would use discernment when reading, and only trust that which feels right. There is great information here, but I personally believe we will not have to go underground or on their ships, that simply doesn’t feel right. I have had sources I consider legitimate, tell us we will be here on the surface for ascension. Still, this is a great and informative read.


First Contact is an operation that began in 1990 as a simple directive from the Sirian Regional Council; its scope was expanded when the Main Federation Council approved this action in 1991…. Continue reading

Ashtar: Keep your Eyes on the Skies and join Hearts with the Children

Ashtar Keep your Eyes on the Skies and join Hearts with the Children

By FatherMotherGod via The Galactic Free Press.

Update 9 August 2011 – Sheldon Nidle

Sheldon Nidle\’s channeling update 9 August 2011 


Galactic Federation of Light 7-13-11 « LightChannels (via 2012 Indy Info)


Galactic Federation of Light 7-13-11 « LightChannels Hello all  Here is another message from our Pleiadian brothers and sisters of the Galactic Federation of Light. They and I give you their words in Love.  (Note: I channeled this message before I posted my 7-12-11 article on our initiation and not letting your truth waver, our friends also speak of this initiation process. I felt it necessary to elaborate more on what they were saying, and so I posted the aforementioned article. Thank you!) Person … Read More

via 2012 Indy Info