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Laura Bruno – Mercury Retrograde, X-Class Flare, and Aura, Oh, My! – 14 July 2012

Thanks to Gillian for posting this James Tyberonn account of Mercury Retrograde coupled with an X-Class Solar Flare. Heads up! This energy can fry you and your electronics, or you can harness it for huge amplifying of intentions and manifestation. Use this energy wisely!

Earth Keeper Newsletter — July 13, 2012
Magnetic Effect of Solar Flares – Coronal Mass Ejections Continue reading

Gillian Grannum – Discover Your Life Paths – The Meaning & Interpretation Of Life Paths 3, 5, & 11 – Part 3 – 23 April 2012

The Life Path

Of the 4 core elements in numerology – Life Path, Expression, Heart’s Desire (Soul Urge), and Birth Day – the Life Path represents the major lesson to be learned. It is the central focus of the inner life being externalized. It is the heart of the core frequencies. Continue reading

Gillian Grannum – Discover Your Life Paths – Life Paths 7 & 22 – Part 4 – 23 April 2012

The Life Path

This release of audios for life paths 7 & 11 completes the postings of high level descriptions of life paths and the underlying frequencies supporting growth and development within a particular arena of experience. There is, of course, much more to your life experience than the lessons contained within the life path. The degree of ease or difficulty in finding your way through the experiences you meet in life is found within the  characteristics and traits you possess in your Expression (full name at birth), heart’s desire (sometimes called “soul urge”), personality, planes of expression (physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual), and many other key components within your numerological blueprint. Continue reading

Gilian Grannum – Discover Your Life Path – The Meaning & Interpretation Of Life Paths 2, 6 & 9 – Part 2 – 11 April 2012

Gillian Chabrol Grannum, Ph.D. April 11 2012

Audio Files ~ Life Path 2 [2’16” min/sec]  |  Life Path 6 [~ 2’4″ min/sec]
Life Path 9 [~ 3’58” min/sec]

The Life Path

Your life path on planet Earth began the instant you drew your first breath. You came equipped with a storyline of energetic propensities and probabilities – what you are like, what you can depend upon to make your way through life, your abilities, character, and talents. Continue reading

Gillian Grannum – Discover Your Life Path – Part 1 – The Meaning And Interpreation Of Life Paths 1, 4 & 8 – 10 April 2012

Audio Files ~ Life Path 1 [~ 2 minutes]  |  Life Path 4 [~ 2 minutes]
Life Path 8 [~ 2 minutes]


Numerology is an ancient occult science that reveals the vibratory frequency locked into numerical codes, and how these impact each individual based on the selection of the full name (at birth) and date of birth. Number values and geometrical shapes lie at the core of creation. As AA Metatron states “. . . Sacred geometry is the core-fabric of all realities. Sacred geometry is the language, the ‘reality program’ of the Cosmos.” ~James Tyberonn Continue reading