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Lucas And Geoffrey West – It Is Important For You To SIGN The Global Disclosure Petition – 27 March 2012

link to avaaz.org petition

Geoffrey West as creator of the petition and I, Lucas, are asking  you a small thing to do with great impact.  Signing this petition via above link is one small thing you can do.  Do not think lightly about the political influence this has. As enough petitions are reaching their signature goals the pressure on the government to give a statement is forced. Even a denial is a statement that has impact as it addresses the issue again and again even in main stream media covered.  The power behind it is a strong group that signs those petitions for  ET/UFO disclosure and for opening up the technologies hidden for us that could save our world from energy shortage, poverty, famine, transport, enough food, etc.  Lots of small waves make a big wave and that  is what washes the truth  up on shore. So you really can make a difference. I have and lots already have signed. We just need more to slash those targets. We show thereby the government will not listen to great groups of  its citizins  and its concerns. This is a political sin in election time and you should vote accordingly and address your concerns worldwide.

Love and Light,