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Global Voice 2012 Radio Network Blogtalkradio – Drake’s Mid-Week Update – 26 September 20122


(Lucas : Discernment notice : Know everything you hear, see and listen to might be not your truth, it might be A truth or even a distorted truth or a blatant lie. Know people  can be manipulated or have the intent to manipulate you. Know you are the only one that decides what your truth is. Be no sheeple and do not accept leaders, gurus, commanders, authorities, etc., that want you to follow them in whatever way  they want you to. Do not do anything without your own consent or discernment. You and you alone are always in the end responsible for your decisions and actions.)

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Global Voice 2012 Radio Network Blogtalkradio – Drake’s Mid-Week Update – 19 September 2012

( Lucas:  I have just written a article of what is wrong and how hate and anger is being used and mis-used and people do you not to be in your hearts.
Drake also made this fault today in being hateful as they still have differences that they express about Tim Turner. Still no evidence is seen. Even this indictment in a IRS case is still not saying this man has no rights and still till proven guilty is the that what is what we stand for.  Hear say and nasty sentiments are not proof but misplaced. Also the IRS is not as you are fighting for the real constitution to be re-instated a legal and governmental agency. It is fraud and not constitutional. But that you have forgotten in the negativity your spreading. So I am not amused by this. Still I post the links to Drake’s radio shows as I am not that human being that serves people with grouches and with offending them and shutting them out or even slander people and laugh at them without giving them their fair say. Until attacks get personal and the message is to dark to be even mentioned.  But whatever. It seems to be the last duality bits that are the hardest for people to get rid of as some have big ego’s .  Continue reading