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3 Minutes News – GMO, Climate Cascade, RE-FOCUS – 5 August 2013

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4 Minutes News – NASA SVL, GMO, Starwater, Spaceweather – 2 August 2013

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NaturalNews – Ethan A. Huff – Europe-Wide Ban On Monsanto GM Corn Imminent In Wake Of French Study Linking It To Cancer – 4 October 2012

(NaturalNews) Pending affirmation by its national health agency, France is expected to call for an official ban on Monsanto’s genetically-modified (GM) corn very soon “at a European level,” according to the French news source RFI. Following the recent release of a University of Caen study that found a link between the “Frankencorn” and the development of severe tumors in rats, French officials have been urging a Europe-wide ban on both the cultivation and import of the GM corn, which was never proven safe in the first place prior to its commercial release. Continue reading


NaturalNews – Mike Adams – GMO Victory Within Reach? Proposition 37 Is ‘Likely To Pass’ Declares LA Times (But Your Help Still Needed!!) – 29 September 2012

(NaturalNews) Proposition 37, the GMO labeling bill that’s on the ballot in California, is polling 2-to-1 in favor of passing, the LA Times is now reporting. 61% of registered voters currently support GMO labeling, and only 25% oppose it.

This high support rate is the result of a massive, decentralized grassroots effort involving non-profits, independent news outlets (like Natural News), educators like Jeffrey Smith, activists like Ronnie Cummins, large financial donors like Dr. Mercola, honest companies like Dr. Bronner, and countless volunteers who have donated their time, money and effort to get Proposition 37 passed. Continue reading

NaturalNews – Mike Adams – The GMO Debate is Over; GM Crops Must Be Immediately Outlawed; Monsanto Halted From Threatening Humanity – 21 September 2012

(NaturalNews) The GMO debate is over. There is no longer any legitimate, scientific defense of growing GM crops for human consumption. The only people still clinging to the outmoded myth that “GMOs are safe” are scientific mercenaries with financial ties to Monsanto and the biotech industry.

GMOs are an anti-human technology. They threaten the continuation of life on our planet. They are a far worse threat than terrorism, or even the threat of nuclear war. Continue reading

Lisa Garber – GMO-Fed Hamsters Become Infertile, Have Stunted Growth – 10 August 2012

Article image“Overall, GM sounds like a sweet deal only for Monsanto (and our own FDA and USDA, repeatedly found in bed with them). It remains a bad deal for us, the consumers.” Continue reading

Jeffrey M. Smith – Dramatic Health Recoveries Reported – By Patients Who Took Their Doctor’s Advice And Stopped Using GMO Foods – 6 August 2012

Author Jeffrey M. Smith is executive director of the Institute for Responsible Technology(Lucas:  in providing you with info to discern yourselves this article is brought to your attention .See that things you used to hear or see as correct and info that was  sold to you as  good, healthy, correct and just by governments, research institutes and the education machine maybe is not that what it seems to be.  I hope you keep at least an open mind! I do not need to know if the author or I was right or wrong in your opinion. Know it yourself.)
Author Jeffrey M. Smith is executive director of the Institute for Responsible Technology Continue reading

Ethan A. Huff – NaturalNews – Exposed: Monsanto Planted GM Alfalfa Before USDA Approved It, Federal Agency Knew All Along – 30 May 2012

(NaturalNews) A little more than a year ago, the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) made the disastrous decision to deregulate Monsanto’s Roundup-Ready alfalfa, even though the agency’s sham of an environmental impact report failed to prove that GM alfalfa is at all safe or necessary. It has now come to light that Monsanto released GM alfalfa into the wild years before it was initially deregulated in 2005 — and the USDA was apparently fully aware of this, but did nothing about it. Continue reading

Monsanto Nation: Taking Down Goliath

Monsanto Nation: Taking Down Goliath.

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GMO’s: Invasive Species Council and USDA ignore environmental infection and contamination