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Eileen Meyer – God Is Real, & Extraterrestrials Too – 3 August 2013

Created by Eileen M Meyer on August 2, 2013

I’ve been telling my story for over 7 years now – through original music, solo-performance, poetry and blogging. It’s time to write the book and speak about it. In reality, the book will reveal that it isn’t just my story, it’s our story. Up until 6 months ago I was steadily working for a living, performing jobs that I could do in my sleep while draining most of my creative being. It paid the bills… and it kept this writing project at bay. I’m also helping to produce a web series on natural healing, but it seems to have stalled out for a spell. So, now that I’m unemployed and utterly unable to find a new job, it must be time. I’m all yours my God! Please provide the sustenance I need to stay in my home and keep the electricity and internet flowing. I make myself available, and I will share the story of how I came to know, beyond a shadow of a doubt, that you are real. Oh yeah… and extraterrestrials are too. Continue reading