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‘China’s Google’ Invokes 1st Amendment To Beat US Anti-Censorship Lawsuit – 29 March 2014

RT logoA US court dismissed a lawsuit against a Chinese internet giant Baidu, which the plaintiff argued blocks material critical of China’s democratic credentials, a decision that could have far-reaching impact on how US search engines sift information.

The lawsuit was brought forward by a group of New York content editors who alleged that Baidu’s search engine was programmed to filter out material in the United States that touches upon the Chinese government’s harsh censorship laws, calling this a violation of the US Constitution.

According to the ruling on Thursday, “Plaintiffs, self-described ‘promoters of democracy in China through their writings, publications and reporting of pro-democracy events,’ allege that Baidu conspires to prevent ‘pro-democracy political speech’ from appearing in its search-engine results here in the United States,” it read.

Read the full story at: www.rt.com /link to original article


CommonDreams – God, Guns and Good Ole Boys: Churches Give Out Guns To Point People To Christ, Who Loves Us and Wants Us To Be Well-Armed – 5 March 2014

common-dreamsBy Abby Zimet

Oh Lord, save us. In what they proudly call “outreach to rednecks” and “affinity evangelism,” Kentucky Baptists are holding “Second Amendment Celebrations” where churches around the state offer a free steak dinner and the chance to win one of 25 guns to “unchurched” young men willing to accept “there is only one path to know the God who made the great outdoors, and that is through his son, Jesus Christ,” who preached about peace, empathy, forgiveness and loving your neighbor but was probably also really into guns. As many as 1,000 people are expected at the next “faith and firearms” event, to be held Thursday at Lone Oak Baptist Church in Paducah just down the road from a school shooting in 1997 that killed three kids and wounded five, probably because they didn’t have enough guns at the school, because, really, can we ever have enough? We are doomed.

www.commondreams.org / link to original article

UK Column Live – 28 February 2014

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Gloria Wendroff – The Heaven Letters – Say, “God, Here I Am.”- 4 January 2014

HeavenlettersGod said:

From the depth of your heart and from the depth of your soul, you recognize the wonderment of depth. Depth is deeper than surface. Something is meant when you say the depth of the ocean, and you are meant to grow toward greater depth.

We can say that going deeper is what evolution is about. In that sense, you continue to grow deeper and deeper. There is no arrival, beloveds. There is the process of arriving. You are in that process now. And I say, “Welcome.” Continue reading

Gloria Wendroff – The Heaven Letters – The Worth Of A Dandelion – 8 February 2013

gods20handGod said:

What more do you want, beloveds? You always want something you don’t have or feel that you don’t have. It’s a good idea to give your attention to what you do have. Recognize the blessings you do have, for I have given them to you. Accept them, and attract more to you. There is always more and more and more aspiring and more to come. Continue reading

Gloria Wendroff – The Heaven Letters – A Forest Of Thoughts – 5 February 2013

Ggods20handod said:

Confusion is simply what you notice when you walk through a forest. You might say that the forest is too congested with trees. A forest is good. A prairie is good. Even confusion is good. It shows that you are going somewhere.

You can get lost in a forest, yet a forest is also where you can also be found. You do find yourself in a forest of thoughts.

While walking in a forest, it’s good to be looking up at the sky and the sun that peeks through the branches and leaves of the trees of the forest. I made the forest of the world and said it was good. Continue reading

Gloria Wendroff – The Heaven Letters – God Created All Manner Of Wondrous Things – 3 February 2012

gods20handGod said:

When I created the cosmos I created all manner of wondrous things, not the least of which is you. And, do you want to know one of the great things about you that I created? Of all the marvels I created when I created you, I created a sense of humor. Now how is that for thinking of everything! What a God am I! And what a human being I created. One who can even laugh at himself. Congratulations. You have a sense of humor to pull out when you can most use it, and you will do well to use it often. Keep your sense of humor at the ready. Keep it out where you can grab it. Grab your sense of humor over a gun. Grab your sense of humor over everything but love. Continue reading

Gloria Wendroff – The Heaven Letters – Be The Splendor – 22 January 2013

gods20handGod said:

I am One God. I am the same God I ever was, only I am seen in different ways. It does matter what you see. I am more than a question of belief. Belief is what is in your mind. I ask: What is in your heart? What is in your vision? According to you, what kind of a God am I?

I know the God I AM. I am the simplest, purest, loving living God. I am the Great Emancipator. I do not hold you down or back or anything at all. I am the Great Freer of Mankind. I am the Great Lover of Mankind. I am the Great Creator, and what I create is more wonderful than you have given credence to. Continue reading

Gloria Wendroff – The Heaven Letters – Everything You Need To Know – 3 January 2013

gods20handGod said:

Beknighted are you who stand in the world unafraid. You know that you are One, and you know you are alone never. You more than know in Whose arms you are. It is your experience. You know there is a God of Love, not in abstract, but firmly within you. You are no longer under the illusion of terror. Now you live in the Truth of Love. Now there are no impediments to the free-flowing river of love. There are no impediments. Continue reading

Gloria Wendroff – The Heaven Letters – Where Does Unkindness Come From? – 1 January 2013

gods20handGod said:

Who on Earth can understand why some of My children seem to be unkind, or are unkind without doubt. Who can understand why others do as they do? In personal terms, you are unable to. In personal terms, too often you just go around in circles trying to understand another who is not understandable to you. Even when you can understand someone’s insecurity and inadequacy, still, you can’t see as an excuse for rudeness or worse. Continue reading