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AdaptingToGrace – Eileen Meyer – Godspeed To The Seeds! – 6 January 2014


Picture by nasa.gov

The response to the previous post, An Invitation to the Starseeds, has been overwhelming – in a very good way. Thank you everyone for sharing who you are, and your willingness to shatter the illusions of smallness and mediocrity with the unstoppable, creative force of Universal Grace and Love. This is not an exclusive club. Make no mistake, we are all starseeds on Planet Earth, and at the same time I am aware that some of us have been contacted repeatedly throughout our lives and gradually entrained to our natural state of Love. At first it feels foreign and too large to accept, but eventually we do. We are able to help others entrain and practice this Love and Intelligence here on Earth – by demonstration and example, and by sharing a few handy tools for surfing the waves of present-moment awareness. I also want to acknowledge that there are many others all around the world who are already practicing and sharing what they have been given and in the ways that they have been inspired. Gratitude and a bow to you! Concurrently, I want to extend loving memory and appreciation to all those beings who held the contrast for us, the ones who played the “bad guys” and pushed us into our proverbial corners and points of no return. Without them, we might not have ever seen or realized our heroic gifts and our fullness here on Earth. Those who KNOW beyond a shadow of a doubt, and step up to reclaim their Universal Identity on Earth, serve to inspire everyone in their midst. Godspeed to the seeds! Continue reading