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Lisa Gawlas – Going From Child’s Play To Grown Up FUN – Part 1 – 30 April 2013

amusement parkI am going to start this sharing, this understanding with one of the lady’s I had the privilege of reading for near the end of my day yesterday.  She really did reveal a story of how profound this shift we are in, is.

The first thing I was able to see was a multi-colored beach ball laying across her field of life on the west side (deep physical life side.)  I knew even when I was reading for her, I was missing something important about the significance of this beach ball in her reading.  Her beach ball had a living energy field (color) to it, soft pink blending with a creamsicle colored orange.  I also understood that the creamsicle color, which was so prominent in February, was showing a blend of spirit (white) with ones sense of Self in the world around them (think sacral chakra) but not the mundane world, but the spiritual world alive in matter.  The soft pink color was the energy of passion. Continue reading