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Fran Zepeda – Yeshua: We Are Creating a Heaven on Earth, One Glowing Step at a Time – 26 May, 2013


Hello my dear ones of eternal bliss. Yes you know, have known, and will know much more deeply the meaning of Bliss, my dear travelers of the dimensions and purveyors of Peace and Love.

I come today to offer my congratulations for a job well done negotiating yet more inundating floods of energy. It has served you well, and thus you serve others with it. And don’t forget yourselves, dear ones. Look into your hearts and see what subtle and not so subtle nuances and evidence of deeper love and transformation you have brought upon yourselves simply with the openness with which you have received the steady barrage of energy. Continue reading

Fran Zepeda – Yeshua and the Company of Heaven – Be In Harmony With Each Other – 23 April 2012

April 23, 2012

Yeshua & the Company of Heaven:


From time beginning, there has been confusion. That is not necessarily a bad thing. It precedes change. And change brings upliftment and Light. It has always been that way and it is no different now, except that change is much more dramatic and the Light much brighter in these drastically changing times you find yourselves in now. Continue reading

Montague Keen – 23 October 2011


(Ephesians 6:12)

My dear, the horrific events of last week will awaken many more to the real truth of what is going on. It shocked all decent human beings to the core. When such evil is directed at the masses, and technology is used to incite them, then this is the result. Is that the path you wish to go down? Where money rules and human life is brutally and publicly extinguished for GAIN. How can you ever see these countries as civilised ever again?

This is not a time to hide away and hope that you and yours will be safe. Remember, “You are your brother’s keeper”. By your silence, you too, become the assassin. This is the Dark Cabal’s effort to take and keep control; to remove all who were not indebted to them. It is so important to seek the truth, knowing that it will be your salvation.

Tell Peter [Welsford] that he is right in his assumptions regarding his ancestors. They look forward to a joyous reunion with him when it is his time to join us. Continue reading

A Nice Sunny Day – Autumn – 23 October 2011 – Lucas

The day began with a nice  autumn sunny Sunday as I was bathing in the golden light.  I was taking a walk into the city park. The light made the first colours of the new season shine bright yellow, red , orange and green. In the cold 11 degrees it felt like 20 with the sun in my back. Walking my mind sank away into thinking mode as my thoughts about all this beauty as a gift to us came into my mind.

Continue reading

Radio Ann – Council of Twelve – 13 October 2011

Channeler: Radio Ann
We are the Council of Twelve, and we are here in support of your path to ascension and spiritual growth. Please take time today to feel the energies that are flowing in a beautiful stream to the hearts of all humanity. Many will be aware of this, many more will not. We are here to tell you that despite the evident turmoil on the surface of your world, there is much afoot behind the scenes. There is much that cannot be measured by your physical instruments, which leads many to the erroneous conclusion that the world consists of that which can be perceived by so-called normal means.
The world is heaven on Earth for those who have the capacity to love. The world is hell on Earth for those who do not. The world is a mixed bag for those on the cusp. There are as many versions of Earth as there are beings upon and around it. Reality is fluid, which makes it hard to grasp, quantify, wrangle, come to terms with, etc. etc. Your reality shifts moment to moment. Good news brings you heaven, bad news plunges you into hell. This is the reality for those who think their happiness depends upon external circumstances. For those who take responsibility for their own happiness, the world is a playground. Okay, sometimes you may fall and scrape a knee, but you’re still on the playground. So play! We want you to enjoy yourselves.

We know you have problems. Problems are your gifts, even though you may want to exchange them! Problems make you strong. Problems make you compassionate. Problems are a game if you’re courageous enough to see them that way. You can solve every problem you face, we guarantee it. Ask for our help. We will give you ideas, nudge you to the right place at the right time, introduce you to a person who has what you need.

Ask us! Council, I have a problem, please help. And we will. A bright idea, a strange coincidence, a lucky break – that’s us in action. Those things are your angels, helpers, counselors, control room crew. We are here for you today and every day. We love you so much. Don’t let your worries block us out. Clear your minds and breathe us in. You’ll hear us in your mind’s ear, and if you think you came up with a bright idea, that’s fine with us. We just want you to solve your problems, knock them down like bowling pins, and gain confidence every day in  your ability to handle life.

World peace consists of every one of you gaining confidence in your own ability to create happiness, confront and solve problems, and be big enough to lend a hand to others. Sometimes we send YOU to be someone’s angel. But if you’re low and depressed, you’re not available for assistance. We need our ground crew. That’s you, dear ones. Let’s create a loop of helpful energy. We’ll help you, you can help others. Deal? Love and smooches, the Council.

Wes Annac – The Pleiadian High Council and SanJAsKa: “Glimpsing Heaven and Ascension Cycles”

-Channeled by Wes Annac- link to blog 2012IndyInfo.wordpress.com

We would like you to bring your attention fully to our immediate presence around you. We have felt the need of so many dear Lightworkers on Earth to be in communication with us, and we can say that for the most part we are with you even when you can’t feel us. We stay with you during troubling times if you wish us to, and we are sometimes that calming voice in your mind gently letting you know that everything is ok. Yes we have made dramatic appearances in your skies showing you all that we indeed exist and we are with you, but our immediate presence around you, when tapped into by you is so much more real. We wish to comfort you in your times of sorrow, we wish to show you the miracles you are returning to, we wish to let you know that despite what you experience on earth, Life is truly wonderful and is meant to be enjoyed.

If you only had a glimpse of the heaven that awaits you, you would go about your daily Lives on Earth with appreciation of the experience you find yourselves having. If you could truly realize and feel that after this Life you are heading to your ultimate happiness, you ultimate dream, then you would come to appreciate your earthly experiences more than many of you do today. Realizing you are living inside of a hologram and that reality is so much better than what you are experiencing, makes you begin to appreciate the illusion you find yourselves in. It would make Life so much easier for you fully knowing that Heaven is where you are going after these difficult lessons in duality.

We are currently busier than ever, doing everything we can from our various positions to ensure that our Resumed Contact with you is both safe and soon. We understand and accept your problems with the word soon and all it implies, but from our perspective it seems that events have truly led to the desired events that will initiate disclosure by your media. We are in negotiation with the cabal now more than ever, or should we say the remnants of the cabal who have themselves not yet fled. There are the headstrong few still proclaiming ownership of your world and your Lives, but even these last few know deep down that they are done for. We are able to have access to their thoughts and emotions, and we can see past the hard shell they put up, and past this shell is fear. They are so deeply afraid of what is going to happen to them, and they now find themselves in a strange and new position.

Where for thousands of years these dark souls have claimed reign over you and took away so many of your freedoms, branding you peasants and lower citizens of which they are the rulers, these souls are now finding themselves fearing you all immensely. They truly never thought or even considered that anybody in the United States would begin standing up for themselves again like they did in the 1960’s. They thought they had pretty much taken care of that problem by tightening up on drug laws and taking out any influential person of those times. We have told them repeatedly that protests were going to erupt all over the world, and now they are seeing this in manifestation. Where they used to feel invincible, they now feel fearful of the consequences of their actions. Many of them are learning that a big ego and a fancy suit simply aren’t enough to fill the void they haven’t even realized they had.

Greetings to all! I AM SanJAsKa of the Pleiadian Council of Nine. I greet you with Love on this, the beginning of the seventh day of your Mayan calendar. Many on your internet have spoken of this calendar, and sadly few actually know enough about it to know that many miracles are planned for the remaining months of this year. Your Mayans were tracking many ancient cycles, cycles that flowed through time and repeated themselves based on a divine evolution plan. This was planned out by the supreme Creator of this universe, and it is an evolution cycle that is followed promptly by nearly every planet in this universe. Being spiritually advanced and having the many tools, not to mention assistance from us, your ancient Mayan civilization was able to track the cycles, most importantly the cycle you are currently in that is to come to an end at the end of this calendar month October.

As always, we would recommend one not tie oneself down to dates too much, but the end of your cycle of evolution is indeed approaching rapidly. What this means is that the Divine is not waiting any longer. One of our concerns with your ascension has been that the more magical and noticeable parts of it were going to kick in before we had a chance to arrive openly, which would leave all of humanity with many questions and much confusion. The end of this calendar year is to see many miracles manifesting, miracles that are at present outside your understanding. This has been the main reason we need to arrive sooner rather than later, so we can begin educating you all on these coming miracles. We are lucky to have many on Earth apart of our ground crew now, so if the worst case scenario occurs and we are not able to be with you before the Cities of Light start appearing, there will be many learned souls who will be able to help humanity understand exactly what is going on.

Obviously if the many miracles started manifesting before we ‘officially’ arrived, you can bet that public demands for insight and truth would lead us to your doorsteps quite soon after. We have expressed endlessly to the dark the need for us to arrive before the end of this year, and we know their typical response will be to do everything in their power to stop that from occurring. At this point many of them do not even understand what they are fighting for, as it is clear the Light is the ‘better’ and more reasonable force to be guiding the majority of humanity. The most difficult task we will be assigned with when we arrive will be explaining everything to all of humanity, and this is where our ground crew members and starseeds come in. Many of you have taken somewhat influential roles on your internet or elsewhere, and we intend to have you help us if such is your intent. Just by the sheer excitement of all of you who are reading this message right now, we can tell that most of you will want to be working with us. We will have you use your vast knowledge to educate those around you about what is going on.

Dear Lightworkers, there is a reason that so many of you were seemingly ‘dropped’ in lower density areas where you feel alone in your beliefs. Indeed, we have felt the loneliness of some of you in that you don’t have anyone to share your truths on Life with, but just know that all of you are where you are for a Divine purpose. We will need you to be one of many souls who are advanced in their own respects on Earth, who can educate those unaware of all of the new miracles taking place. Much, much more is to be manifesting besides us and our starships, many etheric wonders await your world that are at present quite difficult for you to imagine.

I AM SanJAsKa of the Pleiadian Council of Nine, and together with the Pleiadian High Council wish you to know that the Divine energies you are absorbing are to carry you on a golden ray of Light directly to us and to your spiritual guides. We are waiting with open arms to receive your presence, and we excitedly look forward to re-igniting the flame of our closeness.

Thank you to SanJAsKa, the Pleiadian Council of Nine and the Pleiadian High Council.

The Age of Aquarius

The Age of Aquarius

My friends, we are at a tipping point in humanities history. As our society seems to whither and break down in many areas, the clear demise of what used to be seen as normal and acceptable is giving way to a new way of Living, of BEing and understanding. There are plenty of people on our world who are stuck in a sort of mental box; they would never choose to believe there is anything past the dense physical world they have grown used to, and they may think that others who believe that something, anything, lies beyond this Life are either wishful thinkers or just bonkers. There are plenty of people who have refused to accept what the majority have seen as normal, such as the physical plane being the only plane of existence. I would like you to consider the concept of other worlds, of other realities that are very much within our grasp. I would like you to consider that these higher planes of reality not only exist, but create the physical reality that we perceive. I would like you to consider that through these higher realities, we are all connected.

The implications of this are huge. I would like you to consider that there are higher dimensional beings that reside in these mostly unkown planes of existence, and that they are perceiving us and assisting us with our difficult ventures on Earth. I would like you to consider that many souls here on Earth are able to be in communication with these higher beings, and that for the most part everybody on Earth is able to receive this contact, but many are too stuck on the belief that such occurences are impossible. Finally, I would like you to consider that we are heading back to the heavenly realms that create our reality. The ‘unseens’ as they can be called are with us at all times and are assisting us and our planet in reaching the heavenly realms we were existing in when we created this universe. We are the Creators of the planes of Living we find ourselves in, and our third dimensional realities are merging with the higher realms of Living we used to reside in.

These concepts are the basis of this and many other blogs and websites. So very many souls are preparing for our Golden Age of Aquarius, preparing to take on an ascended Light-body form. Love is the guiding force of our Ascension, and it is with Love that I thank you for your constant selfless service to humanity as Lightworkers. Every one of you who read this is a Lightworker, I say now unlock your full potential!!! :)

via The Age of Aquarius by Wes Annac via 2012IndyInfo.wordpress.com