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Fran Zepeda – Yeshua: We Are Creating a Heaven on Earth, One Glowing Step at a Time – 26 May, 2013


Hello my dear ones of eternal bliss. Yes you know, have known, and will know much more deeply the meaning of Bliss, my dear travelers of the dimensions and purveyors of Peace and Love.

I come today to offer my congratulations for a job well done negotiating yet more inundating floods of energy. It has served you well, and thus you serve others with it. And don’t forget yourselves, dear ones. Look into your hearts and see what subtle and not so subtle nuances and evidence of deeper love and transformation you have brought upon yourselves simply with the openness with which you have received the steady barrage of energy. Continue reading


Fran Zepeda – Yeshua and the Company of Heaven – Be In Harmony With Each Other – 23 April 2012

April 23, 2012

Yeshua & the Company of Heaven:


From time beginning, there has been confusion. That is not necessarily a bad thing. It precedes change. And change brings upliftment and Light. It has always been that way and it is no different now, except that change is much more dramatic and the Light much brighter in these drastically changing times you find yourselves in now. Continue reading

Montague Keen – 23 October 2011


(Ephesians 6:12)

My dear, the horrific events of last week will awaken many more to the real truth of what is going on. It shocked all decent human beings to the core. When such evil is directed at the masses, and technology is used to incite them, then this is the result. Is that the path you wish to go down? Where money rules and human life is brutally and publicly extinguished for GAIN. How can you ever see these countries as civilised ever again?

This is not a time to hide away and hope that you and yours will be safe. Remember, “You are your brother’s keeper”. By your silence, you too, become the assassin. This is the Dark Cabal’s effort to take and keep control; to remove all who were not indebted to them. It is so important to seek the truth, knowing that it will be your salvation.

Tell Peter [Welsford] that he is right in his assumptions regarding his ancestors. They look forward to a joyous reunion with him when it is his time to join us. Continue reading

A Nice Sunny Day – Autumn – 23 October 2011 – Lucas

The day began with a nice  autumn sunny Sunday as I was bathing in the golden light.  I was taking a walk into the city park. The light made the first colours of the new season shine bright yellow, red , orange and green. In the cold 11 degrees it felt like 20 with the sun in my back. Walking my mind sank away into thinking mode as my thoughts about all this beauty as a gift to us came into my mind.

Continue reading

Radio Ann – Council of Twelve – 13 October 2011

Channeler: Radio Ann
We are the Council of Twelve, and we are here in support of your path to ascension and spiritual growth. Please take time today to feel the energies that are flowing in a beautiful stream to the hearts of all humanity. Many will be aware of this, many more will not. We are here to tell you that despite the evident turmoil on the surface of your world, there is much afoot behind the scenes. There is much that cannot be measured by your physical instruments, which leads many to the erroneous conclusion that the world consists of that which can be perceived by so-called normal means.
The world is heaven on Earth for those who have the capacity to love. The world is hell on Earth for those who do not. The world is a mixed bag for those on the cusp. There are as many versions of Earth as there are beings upon and around it. Reality is fluid, which makes it hard to grasp, quantify, wrangle, come to terms with, etc. etc. Your reality shifts moment to moment. Good news brings you heaven, bad news plunges you into hell. This is the reality for those who think their happiness depends upon external circumstances. For those who take responsibility for their own happiness, the world is a playground. Okay, sometimes you may fall and scrape a knee, but you’re still on the playground. So play! We want you to enjoy yourselves.

We know you have problems. Problems are your gifts, even though you may want to exchange them! Problems make you strong. Problems make you compassionate. Problems are a game if you’re courageous enough to see them that way. You can solve every problem you face, we guarantee it. Ask for our help. We will give you ideas, nudge you to the right place at the right time, introduce you to a person who has what you need.

Ask us! Council, I have a problem, please help. And we will. A bright idea, a strange coincidence, a lucky break – that’s us in action. Those things are your angels, helpers, counselors, control room crew. We are here for you today and every day. We love you so much. Don’t let your worries block us out. Clear your minds and breathe us in. You’ll hear us in your mind’s ear, and if you think you came up with a bright idea, that’s fine with us. We just want you to solve your problems, knock them down like bowling pins, and gain confidence every day in  your ability to handle life.

World peace consists of every one of you gaining confidence in your own ability to create happiness, confront and solve problems, and be big enough to lend a hand to others. Sometimes we send YOU to be someone’s angel. But if you’re low and depressed, you’re not available for assistance. We need our ground crew. That’s you, dear ones. Let’s create a loop of helpful energy. We’ll help you, you can help others. Deal? Love and smooches, the Council.

Wes Annac – The Pleiadian High Council and SanJAsKa: “Glimpsing Heaven and Ascension Cycles”

-Channeled by Wes Annac- link to blog 2012IndyInfo.wordpress.com

We would like you to bring your attention fully to our immediate presence around you. We have felt the need of so many dear Lightworkers on Earth to be in communication with us, and we can say that for the most part we are with you even when you can’t feel us. We stay with you during troubling times if you wish us to, and we are sometimes that calming voice in your mind gently letting you know that everything is ok. Yes we have made dramatic appearances in your skies showing you all that we indeed exist and we are with you, but our immediate presence around you, when tapped into by you is so much more real. We wish to comfort you in your times of sorrow, we wish to show you the miracles you are returning to, we wish to let you know that despite what you experience on earth, Life is truly wonderful and is meant to be enjoyed.

If you only had a glimpse of the heaven that awaits you, you would go about your daily Lives on Earth with appreciation of the experience you find yourselves having. If you could truly realize and feel that after this Life you are heading to your ultimate happiness, you ultimate dream, then you would come to appreciate your earthly experiences more than many of you do today. Realizing you are living inside of a hologram and that reality is so much better than what you are experiencing, makes you begin to appreciate the illusion you find yourselves in. It would make Life so much easier for you fully knowing that Heaven is where you are going after these difficult lessons in duality.

We are currently busier than ever, doing everything we can from our various positions to ensure that our Resumed Contact with you is both safe and soon. We understand and accept your problems with the word soon and all it implies, but from our perspective it seems that events have truly led to the desired events that will initiate disclosure by your media. We are in negotiation with the cabal now more than ever, or should we say the remnants of the cabal who have themselves not yet fled. There are the headstrong few still proclaiming ownership of your world and your Lives, but even these last few know deep down that they are done for. We are able to have access to their thoughts and emotions, and we can see past the hard shell they put up, and past this shell is fear. They are so deeply afraid of what is going to happen to them, and they now find themselves in a strange and new position.

Where for thousands of years these dark souls have claimed reign over you and took away so many of your freedoms, branding you peasants and lower citizens of which they are the rulers, these souls are now finding themselves fearing you all immensely. They truly never thought or even considered that anybody in the United States would begin standing up for themselves again like they did in the 1960’s. They thought they had pretty much taken care of that problem by tightening up on drug laws and taking out any influential person of those times. We have told them repeatedly that protests were going to erupt all over the world, and now they are seeing this in manifestation. Where they used to feel invincible, they now feel fearful of the consequences of their actions. Many of them are learning that a big ego and a fancy suit simply aren’t enough to fill the void they haven’t even realized they had.

Greetings to all! I AM SanJAsKa of the Pleiadian Council of Nine. I greet you with Love on this, the beginning of the seventh day of your Mayan calendar. Many on your internet have spoken of this calendar, and sadly few actually know enough about it to know that many miracles are planned for the remaining months of this year. Your Mayans were tracking many ancient cycles, cycles that flowed through time and repeated themselves based on a divine evolution plan. This was planned out by the supreme Creator of this universe, and it is an evolution cycle that is followed promptly by nearly every planet in this universe. Being spiritually advanced and having the many tools, not to mention assistance from us, your ancient Mayan civilization was able to track the cycles, most importantly the cycle you are currently in that is to come to an end at the end of this calendar month October.

As always, we would recommend one not tie oneself down to dates too much, but the end of your cycle of evolution is indeed approaching rapidly. What this means is that the Divine is not waiting any longer. One of our concerns with your ascension has been that the more magical and noticeable parts of it were going to kick in before we had a chance to arrive openly, which would leave all of humanity with many questions and much confusion. The end of this calendar year is to see many miracles manifesting, miracles that are at present outside your understanding. This has been the main reason we need to arrive sooner rather than later, so we can begin educating you all on these coming miracles. We are lucky to have many on Earth apart of our ground crew now, so if the worst case scenario occurs and we are not able to be with you before the Cities of Light start appearing, there will be many learned souls who will be able to help humanity understand exactly what is going on.

Obviously if the many miracles started manifesting before we ‘officially’ arrived, you can bet that public demands for insight and truth would lead us to your doorsteps quite soon after. We have expressed endlessly to the dark the need for us to arrive before the end of this year, and we know their typical response will be to do everything in their power to stop that from occurring. At this point many of them do not even understand what they are fighting for, as it is clear the Light is the ‘better’ and more reasonable force to be guiding the majority of humanity. The most difficult task we will be assigned with when we arrive will be explaining everything to all of humanity, and this is where our ground crew members and starseeds come in. Many of you have taken somewhat influential roles on your internet or elsewhere, and we intend to have you help us if such is your intent. Just by the sheer excitement of all of you who are reading this message right now, we can tell that most of you will want to be working with us. We will have you use your vast knowledge to educate those around you about what is going on.

Dear Lightworkers, there is a reason that so many of you were seemingly ‘dropped’ in lower density areas where you feel alone in your beliefs. Indeed, we have felt the loneliness of some of you in that you don’t have anyone to share your truths on Life with, but just know that all of you are where you are for a Divine purpose. We will need you to be one of many souls who are advanced in their own respects on Earth, who can educate those unaware of all of the new miracles taking place. Much, much more is to be manifesting besides us and our starships, many etheric wonders await your world that are at present quite difficult for you to imagine.

I AM SanJAsKa of the Pleiadian Council of Nine, and together with the Pleiadian High Council wish you to know that the Divine energies you are absorbing are to carry you on a golden ray of Light directly to us and to your spiritual guides. We are waiting with open arms to receive your presence, and we excitedly look forward to re-igniting the flame of our closeness.

Thank you to SanJAsKa, the Pleiadian Council of Nine and the Pleiadian High Council.

The Age of Aquarius

The Age of Aquarius

My friends, we are at a tipping point in humanities history. As our society seems to whither and break down in many areas, the clear demise of what used to be seen as normal and acceptable is giving way to a new way of Living, of BEing and understanding. There are plenty of people on our world who are stuck in a sort of mental box; they would never choose to believe there is anything past the dense physical world they have grown used to, and they may think that others who believe that something, anything, lies beyond this Life are either wishful thinkers or just bonkers. There are plenty of people who have refused to accept what the majority have seen as normal, such as the physical plane being the only plane of existence. I would like you to consider the concept of other worlds, of other realities that are very much within our grasp. I would like you to consider that these higher planes of reality not only exist, but create the physical reality that we perceive. I would like you to consider that through these higher realities, we are all connected.

The implications of this are huge. I would like you to consider that there are higher dimensional beings that reside in these mostly unkown planes of existence, and that they are perceiving us and assisting us with our difficult ventures on Earth. I would like you to consider that many souls here on Earth are able to be in communication with these higher beings, and that for the most part everybody on Earth is able to receive this contact, but many are too stuck on the belief that such occurences are impossible. Finally, I would like you to consider that we are heading back to the heavenly realms that create our reality. The ‘unseens’ as they can be called are with us at all times and are assisting us and our planet in reaching the heavenly realms we were existing in when we created this universe. We are the Creators of the planes of Living we find ourselves in, and our third dimensional realities are merging with the higher realms of Living we used to reside in.

These concepts are the basis of this and many other blogs and websites. So very many souls are preparing for our Golden Age of Aquarius, preparing to take on an ascended Light-body form. Love is the guiding force of our Ascension, and it is with Love that I thank you for your constant selfless service to humanity as Lightworkers. Every one of you who read this is a Lightworker, I say now unlock your full potential!!! :)

via The Age of Aquarius by Wes Annac via 2012IndyInfo.wordpress.com


Benjamin Fulford: The Pole Shift in Global Financial Power Is Almost Complete

door Steve Beckow op dinsdag 4 oktober 2011 om 1:12 

Benjamin Fulford 10-3-11: The pole-shift in global financial power is almost complete

Benjamin Fulford | 10/3/2011

The process of removing the cabal that has controlled most of the world for the past 300 years is almost complete, according to sources directly involved in the takedown. The takedown is being done by the world’s military, police and intelligence agencies. The group being taken down is the Thule Society, Skull&Bones Nazi conglomerate headed by George Bush Senior.

This group was trying to start world war 3 in order to reduce the world’s population by 85% and start a fascist world government. Instead, they will be bankrupted and put in jail. Evidence of the takedown is now becoming visible for all to see.

For example the IMF, supposedly the world’s lender of last resort, is saying they have no money to help the Euro. This is publicly available evidence that the post war power structure is ending. The best way to understand what is happening is to take a look at this map:


Cumulative_Current_Account_Balance, Source: Wikipedia

This is a map of the real global economic situation. It shows the cumulative current account surpluses and deficits of the world’s countries. The countries that appear green on the map are the countries that have lent money to the countries that appear red. This is money based on actual physical trade so it is backed by reality unlike the trillions and quadrillions sitting on bank books that were created through fraud.

What has happened is that the green countries that have real money stopped lending to countries still controlled by the fascists (the G6: Germany, the United States, England, France, Italy and their small group of slave states) starting in the fall of 2008. That is the real reason for the so-called Lehman shock.

Looking back, the titanic struggle for control of the global financial system and hence global power has been dramatic.

The fascists countered the initial green attack by using fiat money to ramp up global oil prices. They also tried to create a starvation crisis by paying Western farmers with fiat money to grow “eco-fuel,” instead of food. These efforts failed because the fascists no longer had a lock grip on the world’s oil and food supplies.

The fascists also tried to renege on their debts by issuing a new currency they wanted to call the Amero. This was rejected because the green countries rightfully said they did not want their hard-earned dollars to be devalued. Instead the green countries acted to preserve the value of their hard earned dollars by refusing to accept all dollars created inside the US after 2008. Evidence for this can be found in trade numbers showing such things as a year on year 77% drop in US imports of Japanese cars or in the 90% drop in the Baltic Dry Index (the price of shipping).

This explains why the US dollar has not collapsed despite the announced printing of countless trillions by the US branch of the Federal Reserve Board. These dollars are simply not entering the international financial system although they are goosing the Dow Jones Index.

The fascists won a year’ respite when they promised “change” under Obama. That ended in 2009 after Obama showed through his actions that he was part of the fascist continuum.

Since then the fascists have been acting like unemployed junkies, selling off anything they can and writing false checks to pay their dealer. For example, they melted down and sold giant silver machines used for the Manhattan project. They have also resorted to outright theft.

If you look at the green countries on the map you can see their targets. They attacked Japan with a nuclear tsunami weapon and an engineered nuclear crisis in order to try to extort (unfortunately with some success) money from Japan.

They also overthrew a few dictators like Mubarak in Egypt to steal their money (they got Mubarak’s $70 billion slush fund). Then they invaded Libya to steal that country’s oil and over $100 billion in assets. They also killed the members of the youth division of Norway’s ruling party in order to try to extort that countries $1.5 trillion rainy day fund.

Since they are bullies who are too scared to attack countries that can defend themselves (Russia and China), the next targets of these extortionist thugs would appear to be weaker green countries like Saudi Arabi, Algeria and Venezuela.

These moves have bought the fascists some time. However, that time is quickly running out. Recent illegal maneuvers to push down precious metals prices will not help.

The fascists also tried to carry out a coup against the US patriots in the Pentagon and the agencies by setting off nuclear bombs in New York and Washington. Instead these bombs were taken by patriotic forces and used to blow up the warehouse facilities of the underground bases the fascists were hoping to hide in after they started World War 3.

The bombs were set off in in a manner designed to prevent human casualties. Reports of 30,000 dead are false.

Sources in the KGB, the Pentagon and MI6 all confirm that the nuclear warhead used to trigger the tsunami in Japan and the two blown up underground in the US were part of four warheads that were stolen from the Russian submarine Kursk. That means one more rogue nuclear weapon is still in their hands and probably located in Europe.

It is hard to know when the final take down of the cabal will proceed but the situation is now down to a few technical legal details. This is because the authorities that are taking down the cabal want to do everything legally and constitutionally.

However, the take-down has already begun. In addition to thousands of bankers who have already been arrested, some big fish are being targeted. Public legal proceedings have already begun, for example, against Tony Blair, Nikolas Sarkozy and IMF head Christine Lagarde. Putin, for his part, recently fired his long term finance minister Alexei Kudrin because he had been compromised by the fascists. The Chairman of UBS was also removed because of his cabal connections.

The fascists have also been trying to negotiate their way out of this situation. George Bush Senior has contacted a senior US White Dragon Society member and offered “all the money in the world,” in exchange for “being left alone.” Unfortunately for the Nazis, many of them have tried to cling to power too long and are no longer in a position to negotiate immunity for themselves. White Dragon sources in the US agencies say top cabalists like the last four US presidents will go to jail.

Archangel Michael on NESARA, Opposing the Cabal, and Ascension – Part 1/3

Archangel Michael on NESARA, Opposing the Cabal, and Ascension – Part 1/3. via SteveBeckow.com

by Steve Beckow

Thanks to Ellen for transcribing this interview with Archangel Michael.  I should mention that Ellen has transcribed this interview in the face of painful and limiting conditions.  I acknowledge her dedication.

Again I am divided as to how to present this transcript. The editorial side of me does not want to overload you and the transcript is 19 pages long. The Ramanuja side wants to rush everything he said into print.

What I have decided to do is to issue it in three parts. One part tonight. One part at 9 a.m. Pacific Time tomorrow. And one part at 3:00 p.m. Pacific Time tomorrow evening so that no one feels pressured and yet everyone has fairly quick access to the interview.

I have also provided URLs to all the parts so that those who wish to go ahead may do so.

In the first part, AAM discusses the NESARA timetable and the desirability of us in the West rising up, taking back control of our countries, and the manner in which that should be done.

In the second part, AAM gives a description of Ascension. He also describes the Return of the Masters (us).

In the third part, AAM says that children are innocent and will automatically ascend whether aware of Ascension or not, people who do not wish to ascend because of the need to care for a parent or child will have their “no” respected, and people who remain for the sake of a spouse or child will ascend without fear, even outside the supposed window of opportunity.

Here is a copy of the interview so that you can go on ahead by listening to it if you so wish.


In this part AAM discusses why the Company of Heaven has not brought in NESARA by now and how they are wanting us to have the opportunity to oppose and stop the elite on the planet and to experience our partnership with the Company of Heaven in turning the tide of darkness. Obviously the Arab Spring is for the Middle East their opportunity to have humanity turn the tide there. He said that the Occupy Together movement is our opportunity to stop the cabal here.

He said that popular resistance would grow from the Occupy Together movement. He said we must realize the power of No. We must say No to the elite and it was permissible to tell them to stop. He said that saying no would invoke divine intervention.

But our protest must be peaceful. He said it was alright to defend ourselves and our loved ones from being killed but not alright to willfully take another’s life. Defense with love is permissible; hatred is not permissible; and the taking of life should be avoided on any grounds. He said that it is not acceptable to wage war on the basis that God is on our side, that religious wars have been fought on that basis and have been the bane of our world.

He talked about the destruction that was necessary before the construction. I wanted to suggest the word “de-c0nstruction,” which is what I felt he meant, but I did not want to interrupt him. Nevertheless he said he was referring to the tearing down of the old that must occur before the raising up of the new.

I would think it hardly necessary to point out to anyone that he is not saying to sack the homes of the wealthy or anything of the sort, but rather the deconstruction of the financial and other institutional supports of the dark cabal.

We must do what we need to do peacefully and lovingly because violence begets violence and changes that are brought in with violence are subject to being overturned, as dictated by the natural law of karma.

I hope I have removed any grounds for anyone saying that he or I are somehow mandating or supporting violence while at the same time also saying that it is acceptable to defend ourselves against being killed. I pray to Archangel Michael that I have not misinterpreted his words.

[Opening prayer deleted.]

Archangel Michael: Greetings. I am Michael.

Steve Beckow: Thank you for coming, Lord.

AAM: Welcome. Welcome, my beloved brother of peace — bringer of light, defender of love. You are doing well.

SB: Thank you, Lord.

AAM: And you know, so is the planet. So is the collective. They are digging deeper into their hearts, and they are beginning to express their love. Yes, there is still a great deal of chaos, upheaval and change, but that is also necessary for what we have talked about in terms of shifting realities. So, from our perspective, does it go quickly enough? Not nearly.


But it is progressing. And it is like the tide coming in and then going out. And there is a push and a pull. And that is what we are doing, in very simplistic terms, with the human race. We are pushing a little harder to help you go forward, and at the same time we are pulling you upward, or what you think of [as] upward. But it is a sacred spiral. It is a continuity not only of energy, but of life, of love.

Now, I will not sit here and preach, for I know there is a great deal that you also wish to speak of this day.

SB: Yes, in fact, that’s true. Shall I ask you my questions, then, Lord?

AAM: Yes, but before you do — and I say this to you, my beloved brother — never hesitate to ask me anything. Not in the form of a question or in the form of assistance. I am more than prepared to help in whatever way I can. It is not only my duty, it is my joy. It is who I am.

SB: I — I know that you are reading my mind, so to speak, or that you know of my conversation about wanting to ask you certain questions. So, thank you for clarifying that.

[My wife had asked me to ask AAM about a rash that I have and I had told my wife that I was not going to ask an archangel a personal question about a rash. Now here was AAM saying that I could ask him any question. So in the private part of my tape I did ask him what the spiritual significance of the rash was. He replied that it represented that I was wanting to jump out of my skin and was irritated that I had to be in a physical, 3D body and to go so slow. There’s no doubt about the truth of that.]

AAM: It is all right. And it is important for everyone to know that.

SB: All right.

AAM: No job is too big or too small. And you know I have some helpers I can call on.

SB: [Laugh] I ‘m sure you do. [Steve: Like a legion of helpers.] Thank you, Lord.

AAM: So let us begin.

SB: All right. Well, my first question is — just to get this out of the way, because I know that a lot of my readers have this question. And that’s if you can give us any word on how NESARA is progressing, when we might expect it?

AAM: It is really stalled. But it is in tandem, a great deal of it, all of this – as we have said – is not necessarily sequential, but it is certainly related.

What you are seeing is that the human collective all over your world is saying that it doesn’t work, that the financial system and the greed, the hubris of your financial system is not only in moral decay; it is in institutional decay. And so that is already falling apart.

Now, of course, there are powers that be, particularly in what you can think of as ruling nations, that wish to keep the status quo and to hang on to what they have – as if they did not have enough. It is the political will to truly step forward and to declare that basically they are prepared to begin with a new system.

And it is a system the foundation of which is forgiveness, eradication, a fresh start. But, very similar to disclosure – except you are not having the same aspect of a fear of invasion – it will happen. We believe this will occur. It is on our timeline that this will occur before the end of the year.

SB: When you say it is stalled, do you mean stalled in light of your previous statements about the end of the year, or just stalled in terms of ongoing movement?

AAM: We mean that there is no ongoing movement at this time. Yes, we do have this deadline that we have spoken to you about, about the end of the year. But let us also say we have talked in the beginning about a push and pull here, and from our perspective we would have liked to have had this occur already.

SB: Right.

AAM: We are very aware of human suffering, and we are very aware of the situation in which many, too many, find themselves in, and we also know that it is very difficult. And for some, they have not reached the point as yet where they can sit in the place of peace or silence when they are worried about whether they can feed their children, whether they can maintain a home, whether they can have a home, whether they can buy corn.

And so it is part of the shifting energies that this will simply not be an issue, so that people can begin to truly focus on what is important.

It is also part of the eradication and the destruction, which is my job. It is part of the destruction of those who have burdened many. And who have not come from a place of integrity or ethical behavior.

I do not speak in terms of punishment. That is not of love. That is not of wholeness. But you will hear me speak, and you have heard me speak, in terms of destruction.

And destruction is simply part of construction. Very often you have to simply tear away in order to rebuild, to allow the light to shine. So this is part of the destruction that has need to take place.

And we had hoped that this would occur actually in September. And for many different reasons we had anticipated that it would happen mid-September, and at the latest mid-December. So you are right in the middle.

When we say it is stalled, we mean that the political forces are not making a decision. They are engaging the energy, they are concerned about the maintenance of their political power base.

SB: Have we not passed the divine deadline, Lord, in regards to some of these matters? And if we have, how is it that the Company of Light doesn’t push these forces aside?

AAM: The deadline has come and gone. And we will push them aside, if that is what is required. But our biggest hope and desire — and plan — is the partnership with humans, and your star brothers and sisters, for that matter.

So it is the decision about, okay, let’s wait a few more minutes and see if the populace, if the people will take this matter and meet us halfway. And we are saying the people are in movement. The political side is stalled, but the people are not.

SB: Well, perhaps we could talk about the people for a moment, then. The Occupy Together movement — is that going to fulfill its promise? Is that going to be a leading vehicle of protest and change?

AAM: Yes. It has already begun. It is already underway.

SB: So if we put our effort behind that, that would be rewarded?

AAM: It would be giving it the support that it needs, the encouragement that it deserves. Absolutely, it would be rewarded.

SB: All right. And is there a piece of the puzzle yet to come, or is Occupy Together the piece of the puzzle that we’ve been waiting for?

AAM: It is the rallying point. The piece of the puzzle is the growth. It is the growth of so many people simply saying, “No.” It is the power of No. Very often, humans have come to understand — particularly the light holders, light workers, have understood quite clearly the power of Yes. But they have not fully embraced or understood the power of No.

And so, as the numbers grow, as that shift takes place, then the political inaction will see where their support really is. And support in that sense is in numbers.

SB: So we need to get out there.

AAM: And understand: to get out there in peace. To get out there in peaceful resistance. It is the rebirth of hope in so many ways that is so encouraging. And that is why the Company of Heaven has not come in and just done clean-up. We would rather do it in partnership.

SB: All right. What do I say to those who say that “no” is negative?

AAM: “No” is not negative. It is part of the definition of the dimension and the reality and the experience that you are having. You do not say, “Oh, yes, you may trample on me, you may trample on my rights, you may take away my freedom.”

Those are innate rights. This is your birthright. It is why you have come. It is to know the joy of physicality. It is to know the evolution, not only of your species, but of the entire planet, of this entire organism. “No” has come to mean refusal, or departure. But when you say “No, this is not acceptable behavior, this is not of light,” it is part of that pulling down, it is part of the destruction.

People are very afraid of this word. They are almost as afraid of the word of destroy as they are of surrender. And you know what? Those two are very intimately connected. “No” is simply saying, “Change course. Not allowable. Not of love.”

SB: All right. If somebody from the side of the elite were to attack me or my loved ones, and it looks like they would be killed, have I the right to defend myself?

AAM: Yes, you do. But there is a difference between defending and killing. There is a difference between the willful taking of somebody else’s life. And you have had too much of that, so why would you ever wish to participate in that?

Because what you are then doing is simply adding to that negative force. And you need to understand that, no, the power of “No” is misunderstood. And it does not mean negative. It means shift the energy completely. It is saying no, and turning back the tide.

What you have not fully come to realize in terms of the usage — and when I say you, dear heart, I mean you, the collective, — what you do not understand in terms of the usage of your innate abilities is that when you say no, your shields are up, your sword is drawn, and what you perceive as the danger, or the enemy, or, yes, the darkness, will turn around and go.

SB: All right, Lord. Where is the line between what is acceptable in self defense and what is not?

AAM: The line is in the willful killing. And we are not saying, because we know the evolutionary points of human existence, but there is a point at which the heart becomes enraged with bitterness, and the killing is willful.

And what we mean is not an act of will — well, it is, but it is not an act of love. To lay down your life because someone wishes to kill you is all right, my friend.

SB: That’s a controversial statement, Lord, lay down my life because someone wants to kill me.

AAM: Yes.

SB: I’m sure my readers may find that a difficult saying. Could you expand a bit on that?

AAM: Yes. I think I’d better. Because I am not suggesting that you all lie down. And I am also not suggesting that there would not be divine intervention.

What I am asking of you — and you know we have travelled to the very heart of darkness, and we have done battle [This is the second time AAM has mentioned this. I have no remembrance at this time of the actual event he is referring to, but I’m sure I will when the veil comes off] , but when it is done with hatred, when it is done in such a way that you destroy your own core, then what you have just done is destroy who you are.

Well, you would say to me, “But, Lord, after the deed is done, could I not regain my core? Could I not regain my center? Is there not mercy and forgiveness?” And I say, yes, of course. But why would you jeopardize that core of bright light? Why would you surrender it to hatred? To darkness? To bitterness? Why would you go to the other side?

And you are saying, “Well, I would do it for love, I would do it to defend those I love.” We hear that a lot, you know. And we hear it in every nation, in all kinds of situations that have been pushed by righteous belief.

Every religious war has been based on this belief, on righteous love and being in the right side. How can you be in the core of wholeness and be in hatred?

Now, I am not saying that when there are situations of what you think of as battle or combat that there are many, many, many, many times when death occurs, and when it does, it breaks the person’s heart because they know what they have done, and then there is reconstruction. Then the core is being healed.

So I would be a very naïve archangel if I was to say that the death or the defense never takes place in terms of the laying down of lives. But we would ask, we would beg, and we would guide you never to do this with malice or hatred. Because what it does is it takes you away.

It is this belief — and it is a belief we share, by the way — that all life is sacred. All life is sacred. And all life is transient.

The eternal flame, it never dies. It never passes away. So in that moment of decision, do not embrace the hatred. And do not underestimate the power of no. Because also when you are saying no you are commanding and praying for divine intervention. You are asking for help. And when that cry comes up, it is heard.

You have raised a very important question because there are different kinds of violence. And I have spoken of religious battle and war, which is the anathema of your planet. And it is part of my job to bring back peace. It is part of all of our jobs to bring back peace.
But there is also violence that occurs simply from greed, from mental imbalance, from emotional imbalance.

But now we get to the crux as well. And I do not want this, and I do not wish your readers to approach this, as simply an intellectual conversation, because it is not. You’ve asked about NESARA, and I have said that the gathering of the populace is the part of the key, part of the puzzle.

There are many ways in which violence occurs. And this is the most difficult part of my initiative to restore peace on Earth. It is the people who are being killed inch by inch by inch by the violence of uncaring society, of uncaring power, by starvation, by no clean water, by ignorance.

Is it allowable, is it permissible, to fight back? Absolutely. Tooth and nail. With everything that you have. And I will help you. But if you say to me, “I want to kill that person because I hate who they are,” I will say, draw back, come back, do not take this into your heart. Because it kills more than the person, it kills a part of you.

SB: So the line is where hatred comes into the heart?

AAM: Yes.

SB: All right, that’s very clear. Just an aside, Lord. SaLuSa, in his September 28th message, said that the movement for change has also been helped along by great beings who are using their influence to insure that the leaders of these movements are inspired for the right motives. Was he referring to your initiative for peace?

AAM: Yes, he was. But I am not the only one that is assisting. There are many.

SB: All right.

AAM: Because there are many on this side. Gabrielle, she is assisting also. You know she loves to organize things.

SB: Uh-huh.

AAM: Yeshua-Jesus-Sananda is assisting as well. Because he sees this as a return, again, to the gatherings, and to the love. And Lord Maitreya is also assisting.

SB: Is this Maitreya in the body, or Maitreya from the spirit planes?

AAM: From the spirit plane.

SB: All right. So not the Maitreya that Benjamin Creme talks about?

AAM: No. And I think of him as the Big Buddha.

SB: The Big Buddha? [Laughs]

AAM: So there are many. You know, my beloved brother, Archangel Uriel –

SB: Yes.

AAM: — with his flame, his silver, that burns so brightly throughout the universe. He is the bringer of the future. He sees the future in these gatherings. He helps as well. There are very few of us that are not fully engaged. We restrain ourselves in some situations. And you know I have never been one known for great restraint.


AAM: But here we are, in a time of movement, where the populace is reclaiming what is theirs.

SB: So are you restraining yourself in order to allow us to play our part?

AAM: That is correct.

SB: Then I guess we’d better get a move on.

AAM: When we say we are pushing and pulling, I am not just speaking metaphorically.

(Continued in Part 2, where AAM turns to describing what we experience when we ascend to the Fifth Dimension.)

Nesara website says Fed just closed their doors – via State of Globe – Use discernment

“Nesara website says Fed just closed their doors by HANS CHRISTIAN FÆRDEN on 2. OCTOBER 2011 in FINANCE

For the first time ever State of Globe will bring the entire text from another website. We do not know if what the “Restore America” website came with 15 minutes ago is true, but beginning of new US fiscal year and signs in the media the last few days make us publish what we do here, and let the readers decide for themselves.


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