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John Ward – Diamond Testimony : Slog Completely Vindicated By TSC Documents Placed In Evidence By Barclays – 4 July 2012

Whatever Diamond says this afternoon, all The Slog’s suspicions about Libor manipulation have proved entirely justified

Note these past Slogsposts:

September 8th 2010

‘Bob Diamond’s accession to the post of blue touch-paper igniter [CEO of Barclays Group] is a done deal. And another nail in the Coalition’s coffin….As long as they continue to be appeased, bankers will never learn to sniff the public mood…’ Continue reading

John Ward – The Campell Diaries : Is the Truth About David Kelly Hidden In The Can Of Worms Alistair Campell Has Opened? – 25 June 2012

IoS revelations bring new demands for Blair to be questioned

Blair/Brown evidence: does it hang together? Will they?

Yesterday’s Independent on Sunday lead-piece was about the best in the Sundays. Using carefully researched passages from Alistair Campbell’s latest memoirs, it suggested that Blair had lied to the Chilcot Enquiry about presenting “a balanced view” to Cabinet about the legality of the Iraq War…as indeed did Lord Goldsmith in his evidence. Continue reading