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Government, Greens Reach Deal On Federal Debt Ceiling By Removing It – 4 December 2013

The Australian


THE Greens have reached a deal with the Abbott government on the federal debt ceiling in a crucial step to fund everyday services by issuing more commonwealth bonds.

The deal will remove the legislated limit on commonwealth borrowing and remove the risk that the government would run out of cash or have to launch savage spending cuts.

Read the whole story at: www.theaustralian.com.au/link to original article


Wanderer Of The Skies – The Galactic Federation – 12 January 2012

Greetings from the Federation:
What must come to pass is presently being discussed at the highest levels of your world governments, behind closed doors and through emissaries to the various other governments around the world. As time draws closer to the inevitable, your leaders are aware that they cannot stop the tide of Disclosure sweeping over your planet. They know that they will either be swept away by this tide or they must decide to take the reins and make Disclosure their own. Their ability to waffle on this topic amazes even us as we see them fight among themselves for a common ground. Once reached, someone inevitably backs off and the process starts all over again. We wait in the background for what must be done, if not done so by your own people. Continue reading

David Wilcock – Update – About 130 Nation Annoucement – IS NOT TRUE – A HOAX – 2 January 2012


We are putting the finishing touches on Part III. This is a VERY significant and comprehensive article for reasons I am not at liberty to disclose, but should be apparent within a reasonable amount of time. 

So yes… I am fine and have been working straight through the holidays, though at a more relaxed speed than during other times of the year. Continue reading

Wall Street Journal exposes Government Extraterrestrial Wall of Secrecy

Wall Street Journal exposes Government Extraterrestrial Wall of Secrecy. by Laura Tyco via http://www.2012IndyInfo.com

October 26, 2011

Toronto [ZNN] – Wall Street may be occupied but the prestigious Wall Street Journal is indeed ‘occupied’ by matters of the Extraterrestrial kind.

The Wall Street Journal, America’s esteemed and largest selling newspaper by circulation, has made a daring editorial decision to cover the We the People Petition to the White House to acknowledge an ET presence now engaging the planet. Continue reading

Example Of Fear Spreading News Via NASA And Other Government Agencies

Spreading Fear Article About Solar Flares by Naturalnews.com via NASA

My Comment: As said before watch out we’re the news is coming from. NASA and other Agencies are gearing up in spreading fear. This time it’s not an alien invasion but Solar Flares that would be causing all Nuclear reactors to default and melt.  It’s a shame. The Solar Flares and what they are and do were already know a long long time. And by building  power plants there has been reckoned with Solar Flares. The Flares can disrupt electrics and communications, but its stupid and ignorant to think that powerplants can’t be shut down in extreme cases as they follow the flare activities also. The people see now the Fukushima disaster and think:  “oh its gonna happen again’. Noting of that magnitude will  happen again ever. It is that they prey on the fear pre-existing and wanna fire it up some more. Dont fall in that trap anymore. Be wise. Sent them some love and light. They need it.

Meet your new Federal Family (and don’t use the word “government” please) (satire)

033497_federal_family_Napolitano.html  a Satire by Mike Adams, 3th september 2011, via NaturalNews.com

(NaturalNews) As the reputation of the U.S. government is now in shambles, the feds are turning to the same bait-and-switch tactics used by the Corn Refiners Association as they tried to rename High Fructose Corn Syrup to the more innocent sounding “corn sugar.” The federal government no longer wants to be called a “government” at all. Instead, you’re supposed to refer to them as your “federal family.”

Seriously. This is the word from FEMA, which announced last week, “Under the direction of President Obama and Secretary Janet Napolitano, the entire federal family is leaning forward to support our state, tribal and territorial partners along the East Coast.”

Family? Really? Sort of like an organized crime family, perhaps?

Let’s take a look at this family, shall we?

Note: This article is obviously satire. All photos used herein are presented under Fair Use for the purpose of public commentary and satire.

Father Obama

First there’s Father Obama. He runs the family’s finances, and that’s why the entire family is irreversibly bankrupt and forever on the verge of being evicted from their home which is about to be repossessed by the bank.

Father Obama sounds like he knows what he’s talking about, but he’s actually completely clueless. Every time he mandates that the family do something, the outcome is disastrous.

One time he ordered everybody in the family to buy all their own health insurance, threatening to take away their allowance money if they didn’t. Another time, he launched bottle rockets at the neighbor’s house on July 4th, setting their roof on fire and burning their house to the ground. It turned out he was trying to get the local kids hired as part of the house reconstruction team and claimed to be engaged in “creating jobs” for the neighborhood.

Big Sis Janet Napolitano

Don’t wrestle with your big sis Janet. She’s got the skin of a mutant rhinoceros and the face of a Roman battering ram. She’s the “muscle” of the criminal family, complete with bad breath and everything.

When you come home late on a Friday night, she insists on searching your pockets for weed, then interrogating you on where you’ve been and why you think you have the right to travel at all.

She’s also big on surveillance, so she runs a series of secret nanny cams throughout your house to gather evidence on you and tattle to your parents. She keeps a secret database of all your violations and threatens to use them against you to get what she wants, which just happens to be personally conducting “enhanced pat-downs” on other women.

When she’s not busy spying on her siblings, Big Sis Janet is hanging out behind the local bowling alley, selling the weed she confiscated from her brother to raise money to support her S&M fetish. She wields a baseball bat and carries a set of brass knuckles to remind the locals who’s in charge.

Uncle Ben Bernanke

Uncle Ben Bernanke is the dodgy white collar criminal of the family who runs an illicit printing press in the basement, cranking out counterfeit hundred dollar bills and hoping he won’t get caught by the U.S. Treasury Department.

When he’s not printing counterfeit money, he’s running financial scams on little old ladies by selling them derivates, or purchasing mail order goods with counterfeit money orders and cashier’s checks. Like any con man, he’s clean-cut and sounds intelligent, but behind the scenes, he’s always running “get rich quick” schemes that only end up stealing money from people.

Even though his ideas never work, he always thinks he’s smarter than everyone else, and he struts around the house with an attitude of total arrogance, screaming about how he’s going to “save the world!” The rest of the family members just scowl and him and scream in return, “Grow some hair where it counts!”

“Crazy” Grandpa Harry Reid

Harry Reid (US Senate Majority Leader) is that grumpy old grandpa of the family who still thinks he’s running the household but has long since been labeled “demented” by the rest of the family. His ideas about the world are universally wrong, but he can’t stop blabbing at the family dinner table about how brilliant he is and how the whole family would be better off if everyone would just listen to him.

Grandpa Harry also has an integrity problem. He once convinced the family members to all pitch in and hire a neighbor kid to mow the lawn, but it later turned out Grandpa was getting a kickback equal to 25% of the kid’s wages, then using that money to buy vodka.

He also went racist on everyone and insisted that the family hire no “negroes” to do the mowing, unless they were “light skinned” and spoke with “no Negro dialect.” (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Harry_Reid#Criticism)

“Mommy” Margaret Hamburg

Margaret Hamburg (current head of the FDA) is the psychopathic, medication-addicted mother of the household. She’s a total hypochondriac who keeps trying to put all the kids on psychiatric medications, and she hoards pain pills in her own medicine cabinet then gobbles a handful when life just gets to be too much.

She starts up an argument any time Father Obama brings home vitamins or herbs, claiming that “vitamins are deadly” and that the family needs to receive annual vaccination shots to avoid colds and the flu. She suffers from migraine headaches herself, though, and every time she experiences one, she runs around the house screaming about how she wants to leave this world “and take the children with me, dammit!”

Predictably, the family gets sick every year during the flu season, during which “Mommy” Margaret goes crazy blaming everybody else for “not taking their prescribed antibiotics!” The rest of the family has pretty much decided that Margaret is mentally deranged and they are seriously considering asking a court judge to declare her incompetent.

Cousin “Good ol’ boy” Tom Vilsack

Cousin Tom is a corn-fed, barbeque-eating country boy from Iowa. He seems okay on the outside, but his prostate is the size of a Fukushima-mutated canteloupe because he’s been dining on genetically engineered corn and sucking down hormone-injected beef products for too many years. As suspected, Cousin Tom is becoming a mutant.

One time at Thanksgiving, Father Obama told a joke about the economy that made Cousin Tom laugh so hard, he coughed up his own scrotum. He’s also growing a sixth finger on his right hand and a curious appendage from his tailbone that seems to wag when you laugh at it… which happens a lot when Cousin Tom starts talking about how his “genius” ideas are helping so many people (http://www.cagw.org/newsroom/porker-of-the-month/).

On the science front, Tom is currently overseeing a small patch of “experimental lawn grass” in the back yard, using seeds he got from Monsanto. That patch of grass has grown to five times its normal size, and small animals recently began disappearing when they wandered nearby.

The family dog has gone missing, too, but Cousin Tom seems excited about the new GMO grass and plans to expand the plot to cover the entire perimeter of the house where it can function as “security grass,” he says, with the added benefit that it will “eat intruders.” Gotta love Monsanto technology, eh?

Don’t you love your new Federal Family?

Your new “Federal Family” isn’t the only family we all know about, is it? There are other famous families in U.S. history that might also right a bell, such as:

The Chicago mob boss crime syndicate family. This was a group of families, actually, who surged into power during the era of Prohibition and made money off the fact that alcohol was illegal.

The scheme failed to stop alcohol and only made violent crime war worse, so the federal government decided to end prohibition. At about the same time, it enacted prohibition-style laws that outlawed marijuana, and it then began trafficking all the illegal drugs itself, taking over as the “Federal Family” of drug trafficking. (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/CIA_drug_trafficking)

The difference between the mafia crime families and the government “Federal Family” is that at least the mafia knows it’s stealing from you. The federal government, on the other hand, claims YOUR money is automatically THEIRS! That’s why they steal a little bit out of every paycheck you earn and then promise to send you checks for your retirement someday… but behind the scenes, they’ve already spent your retirement money on their own bloated salaries and pet pork projects.

The federal family, it turns out, steals from you just like real family… but without the annual picnic and mandatory wedding attendances.

Former Rep Decries Corporate Control Of Government | The 2012 Scenario

Former Rep Decries Corporate Control Of Government | The 2012 Scenario.

Via 2012IndyInfo.wordpress.com

British government begins stealing its peoples’ bank deposits ahead of the global financial collapse.

British government begins stealing its peoples’ bank deposits ahead of the global financial collapse. posted by PC on 8th August 2011 on presscore.ca



Wave of Criticism of the President Continues

Wave of Criticism of the President Continues.



By Steve Beckow via 2012IndyInfo.wordpress.com

JANAP 146–Government Coverup of UFO’s Truth