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Ron Van Dyke – I Come To You, Great Spirit, Divine Mother – 2 June 2014

Uploaded on 1 June 2014 by paradoxman316 When I was a fundamentalist Christian, I used to love praying in public. It was a way to get people to hear me, and hopefully God as well. After all, it was a public proclamation. Then, as I became more spiritually aware, I shunned praying in public, sometimes feeling embarrassment when asked to pray out loud. My prayers we done in secret, as much as possible from my heart, generally expressed with the emotion I was feeling in the moment. Today, as I sat on the toilet. I began paying aloud. I don’t always pray aloud, often in silent or near silent sighs, simply letting my longings rise to Creator. I sensed the impulse to share some of the things that were coming to me in this prayer, to share them in today’s video. I won’t be able to produce the exact words, and maybe not the same feelings; but I feel Spirit/Matter wants me to share with all who choose to listen. After all, you too are the son or daughter of the same Great Spirit/Divine Mother as me.


Lucas – The Great Spirit In Ourselves – Thinking Love – 15 March 2012

Sometimes there are some  special moments in our lives we are feeling the great spirit in ourselves stronger than ever. Even as we suffer now and the last bashing of the dark  is felt we as human beings see the light shine in our hearts as we think love. The love that irreversibly concurs all and brings live and creation. It is our basic vibrational tone. We being  love lights. Continue reading