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DailyGrail – Greg – TED Deletes Talks By Rupert Sheldrake And Graham Hancock – 18 March 2013

( Lucas: The censorship starts, first pull videos on a complaint from persons or organisations, place the videos in a new forum environment controlled by you, get them trashed by all your friends you got with some opposing arguments and then pull them totally by so-called funded opinion or decision-making which is of course  censorship totally.  It is the old staged model of censorship by discrediting  or by unfunded arguments or half-truths and lies.) Continue reading


Greg Giles – Message From The Galactic Federation Of Light – 16 February 2012

 We have gently influenced you in ways to bring about greater understandings and to assist in the facilitation of learning and the expansion of your consciousness. We have also been able to detect and monitor negative beings who have been able to influence certain people, and who have been able to detect weaknesses of a particular person and find ways to influence them in this way. Given permission, we of the Galactic Federation of Light will see to it this undue influence abruptly ends, and we have specially trained personnel to deal with these negative beings and remove them from your sphere. Continue reading

Greg Giles – A Message From Melina Of The Ashtar Command – 25 January 2012

Hello, I am Melina, and I would like to share a few words with you through our channel Greg today. I am a female officer of the Ashtar Command. My command involves the procurement of space travel related equipment and supplies. These articles are necessary for certain types of our craft to travel through space. The supplies are shipped to awaiting frigates where I then command our ship to rendezvous with the frigate and transfer the goods to our ship’s storage holds. This equipment is vital to our mission and must be delivered at regularly scheduled intervals to allow us to maintain our ship and carry out our duties.  Continue reading