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John Ward – Eurozone Analysis Special: Gold, Grexit, Draghi And The Petrodollar – A Veritable Wicked Web – 21 January 2015

DragoldptKing Midas in reverse?

The Gold Rush has a distinctly directionalised feel to it. The Slog wonders whether there might be a much bigger game in play

As gold yo-yoes up and down between $1295 and $1303 on the overnight markets, it’s now official: the shiny stuff is on its longest rally for nearly a year. In a level-playing-field kind of world, one would look at the global slump, ClubMed teetering on the brink and Draghi’s desperation, concluding, “Flight for safety – this is the breakout…pile in!” Continue reading


Mish/ Mike Shedlock – Spexit Before Grexit? Six Reasons Spain Will Leave The Euro First – 30 May 2012

Interest rates on the 10-Year Spanish bond touched 6.7% today after the ECB shot down prime Minister Mariano Rajoy’s Ponzi plan to recapitalize banks.

The Spanish banking condition is in such precarious shape that Matthew Lynn of Strategy Economics proposed ‘Spexit’ Will Come Before a ‘Grexit’. Continue reading