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Visionkeeper – Guest Post – 4 April 2013

beard-boy-fishing-glasses-hat-pipe-Favim.com-104379(Picture by http://www.favim.com)

Tying Flies 

Written by: Raven

“Well, I finally did it,” the voice said.

I looked up from my weeding. My neighbor Clark leaned against my garden fence, his forearm crushing its cloak of fragrant sweet pea vines. Continue reading

Visionkeeper – Guest Post – 2 April 2013

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 Written by: Raven

A few years ago I rented an old farmhouse on a 200-acre organic dairy farm and moved there in the early spring. Showing me around the property, the farmer took me behind the house, pointed to a mound of aged cow manure at the edge of a 100’ x 200’ plot of naked soil and said, “And this is your garden.” Continue reading