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I Feel Like Waiting For Something That Isn’t Gonna Happen – Lucas – 30 October 2011

After I had received a message today from Ashtar and had been reading an e-mail from a disappointed reader I wrote this article.  The reader felt like he was waiting for something that was not gonna happen. He had been giving up on disclosure and the abundance program. In short  he lost his faith.  In Ashtar’s message it  became clear we have to be patient for a little while longer. Continue reading


Waiting for things to happen! – Lucas- 7 September 2011

As I was chatting and answering questions of fellow group members and readers I saw a great anxiety. The feeling of the wanting things to change now and not wanting to wait anymore. As lots of us are already some 20 and more years being awakening and spiritually growing it is indeed a long journey. Most of us are still young and want also things to change fast. And the signs in our surrounding world as in channellings of our trusted ones show that it is near.

In all of that the key is also being confident things are going the right way. Things will come to a conclusion shortly. But we are still thinking in 3 D time. Time isn’t existent in  5 D. We have still to learn patience. Stay in a calm and confident state. And know it will come in time, it will be on time and nothing will stop this. We just struggle still with this no time concept.  See it then like Now is the time. Now you are living and feeling and experiencing the things. There is no tomorrow or yesterday only Now.

But all that is not enough to have the things happening earlier. We also have to remember we are the ones who have to contribute to the coming change. We have still a free will and choice. We need to help with our capabilities to sent love and light to all that needs change. Seeing it in your minds eye change to the new and better is helping. Thus you are creating with positive thoughts and loving intentions and that will help the things to come. Others you can help too. Tell them  the story of your awakening and the things to come or helping them in their personal quest without being judgemental.  It’s a joyous event that will bring the new unseen and unprecedented beauty there is and we longed for.

Our world is going to change and we are, when ascended,  together with our mother Earth the teachers of the new in 5 D. Yes we become from pupils and students teachers. Teaching other worlds the unique experience we have been going trough. The extreme case of duality without boundaries was our assignment. The free will was always there but kept in the dark from us.  We got more and more enslaved and had to waken up to see the real beings that we are.  We have managed to live trough this and now is the time to shed this experience from our light being souls. We will be cleansed and ascended as we wish and was foretold. We unveil the real potential of our self. We are the Light and Love. We will be united with all those whom are waiting for us. We all are one and in oneness and unconditional Love we will return. Then  we live in  harmony of our new-found peace and happiness in a new Universe, Galaxy, World, Earth.

So wait for things to happen soon, but stay in the Now.

With Love and Light,


Is IT Gonna Happen Now?

This is the question i still get a lot on the net by readers or new Facebook friends. I always have to answer that it already is happening NOW. They all are thinking complicated, but it’s not. Disclosure is simple although it officially has to be by one or more governments.

But I say disclosure is what we disclose ourselves. Still we seek the solutions  outside ourselves as the ET, the UFO’s, the government, etc., are the ones who have to do something. Wrong! The only one who has to do something is you. You are the one we have been waiting for.  You have to disclose yourself. Be the One and be awakening and remembering your own pad. Think of the now.

Everything has to be in the now. Feel the streaming energies and vibrations that are getting stronger and stronger every day. We are lifted up with it and we will, if we make our own efforts, be the 5th dimension lightbeings and ascend.

Don’t think to much of what has or is going to happen. The Now is the time and has enough beautiful and wondrous things in it to see, feel, hear, do.  I see you all and see the beauty that is coming through all of your hearts.  Unconditional Love and peace is what you have to be and spread the light upon the others.

Love and Light,


As strange things happen

After i heard my friends radio show ET First Contact Radio i talk with my other friend. for you called Tyco Malps, on Skype. I had a new vision over how things are with interdemensions and timelines. So i spoke about it with Tyco and she loved it.

And then IT came, when i was writing it all down. I  heard  SaLuSa and saw him in my minds eye in front of me. He had a short message: “There is a truth in what you are writing now”. That was for me a confirmation to set up my blog after also Steve Beckow mentioned it in Maarten Horst radio show where we all were live discussing things.  I also  told on radio my experience i had the day before.

I was in my car driving home and i drove around the corner a few blocks from my appartement and i saw myself sitting in the car in two timelines at once. I saw myself on the left sitting on the boardwalk and seeing something in an other environment and timeline. And on my right and in front of me i saw myself being in the now and driving. A day later i heard from Steve that i had a bi-location experience.

Strange was that he wrote about it in one of his writings not long ago. Weird. I am used from child on  to see and hear things as i am gifted.  I do healings and sometimes readings. But this had nothing to do with the spirit realm it was another timeline. Steve said: ‘It was a sign of being close to the fifth dimension”. I hope so.

But what i hope to see is that all of you may have such wondrous things happening. See that the world changes for us all and we will see the new golden age rising at the horizon. Be joy and be love and light.