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The Pleiadians- Is Unconditional Love Possible? – 13 February 2013


Many think of love this week; some ponder romantic love, twin flames, and some divine love…all great things. And yet, many question the existence of unconditional love. How can beings born with ego attachment really achieve unconditional love, some say? You may have conditions that someone not harm you so how can you love unconditionally then, and not be a doormat? We say that unconditional love is more of a big picture concept. It is not about liking someone or the world, or even being willing to connect with everyone. It is about the knowingness that somehow, even those you choose to love from afar, are one with you. It is about feeling divine love for each and every souls journey free of resentment.

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Visionkeeper – Be Happy – 5 June 2012

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Appreciating life is such an important part of a happy life, yet how many of us really do it? We wake up in the morning and jump out of bed and off we go to work or school or childcare with little thought of anything else. For starters I bet you didn’t swing your legs over the side of the bed and sit there a moment in thanks to the creator for another day of being alive and breathing. Are we grateful for the food that filled our bellies before leaving the house? Are we grateful for owning the car that drives us to our daily lives rather than having to walk or take the crowded bus? As much as we hate heading off to work everyday have we been able to find room to be grateful for the job we are able to go to everyday? There are so many things we take for granted and don’t give a second thought about, let alone show gratitude for. Each and every moment is a moment for us to be happy and grateful for, each and every moment is our life! Continue reading

SaLuSa: The New Times Promise Harmony and Happiness | The 2012 Scenario

SaLuSa: The New Times Promise Harmony and Happiness | The 2012 Scenario.

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