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PoliticalVelCraft – Bernie Sanders Embraces Oligarchy – 22 September 2013

Political Vel Craft

( Lucas : The Bernie Sanders we thought was pleading for all the weaker in the society of USA….seems to show also an other face…still wanting to give power to who… the oligarchs?! Sorry for the language in this article by the author of Political Vel Craft… but things are given an other view on ” Bernie “.)

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Bill Ballard – The Pope Has Resigned – Yes February 2013 Is The Month Of Change – 11 February 2013

BillBallard1Well, The Pope Resigned Today and his last day will be February 28, 2013. Carl Boudreau stated Feb 18-28 will be a time of Great Shift. Again, My messages 3.5 years ago was that February 22 would be a time of Great Shift… The Mayan Elders state that February 19 something big can come forth in the energies as to looking at their calendar system. Well, so much for the lull we were in. That certainly has shifted this morning. There are some very dark prophecies that are linked to this last pope that will be taking Benedict’s place. It does not have to happen as foretold. Just like the Gulf Oil Spill being the Biblical Bottomless Pit (Revelations 9 and Hopi 7th Sign), the original visions I had was far worse… Together we can hold the energies to ease this shift and that Great Dark Focus that so many unawakened persons hold of the End Times… It’s time now we need everyone awake, aware, and ON BOARD for shifting into NEW EARTH! The time has finally come! YES! Continue reading