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Natalie Glasson – Master Kuthumi – Harmony In The New World – 4 June 2012

With love I step forward to connect on a deeper level with your soul, it is my love and my consciousness that I share with you at this time. There is a subject matter which I wish to remind you of at this stage of your ascension, it will be most beneficial to hold an understanding of this subject matter within your being so that it may be magnified in December 2012, in order to assist in the divine and new world unfolding.
I wish to place a question into your consciousness, this question is, ‘How can we remain in harmony as we walk our individual and diverse pathways of ascension?’ This is a question that has arisen within me and I feel guided to ask each soul whether they are on the Earth or the inner planes. I feel that it is a justified question as each soul and the reality that they exist in is altering with such power. It is true that we are all growing together and are supporting the growth of each other but we are each connecting with the Creator at a deeper level and the expression of the Creator through each person can be extremely diverse. Continue reading