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Lucas – Have A Beautiful Solstice – The Energies Will Be At Your Disposal – Make Good Use Of Them – 20 June 2014

http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/thumb/2/24/Summer_Solstice_2.jpg/180px-Summer_Solstice_2.jpg?uselang=nlThe new summer solstice is coming up for this year. In the ongoing turmoil and changes in leveling up and balancing out in many ways you are asked to enjoy and let the flow of the new energies guide you where you need to go.

The flow is nothing else than a big soup  of  probability and possibilities you can put your intent or beautiful wish for you and  humanity and the planet in to find its way. Leave the flow to take care of it and it will return in some way that what suits your question or intent or wish. No expectations and know what you ask so you are not manifesting negative things for you to come into your live or upon the world.

Enjoy and bathe in the beautiful sun having found its highest point on the  northern part of this planet. The sun will feed you  literally with what you need.  Get some rest and a good sleep and let the energies sink into your energy make up of your body and field.

Being grateful in things developing in the way it needs to be I leave you with lots of wishes of love for the nice words said. I am going consciously in a new direction that the flow will take me… even if that is going temporary back into the system. All is and will be well for all humanity and this earth even when sometimes things seem to get experienced as struggle or a problem or challenge.  Change is in ever greater manifestations taking form right now. Recognize and see it.

Much Love and Light,


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