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WakingTimes – Creating The Life You Want With Be, Do, Have – 13 March 2014

waking_times_logo_6-5-12_1By Peter O’Donoghue, Contributor

In my experience, when you ask someone what they want in the future, the reply is usually a list of activities they would like to do or things they would like to acquire.

When you ask someone, Who are you? The person will typically respond by giving you occupation.

Which one do you ask most often: What are you doing now? or Who are you being now?

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Lucas – Have, Take And Give – Awakening And Growing Into The New Paradigm – 24 February 2013

heartinsandThis blog for me is also about living the 5D for real.  It is for me about giving my time and dedication to bring the news about the world-changing and you seeing what is happening and maybe chosing to find your answers within.  People should see that some things even when brought freely to you have need for support also. It is for me somewhat embarrassing to see still cohorts of people using others efforts and work,  and sucking others energy for their own personal gain. Those people still have not thought about the reason there is so much lack in this world and people having problems to get their bills paid as they still choose to be in the ME or Ego paradigm. I addressed this already multiple times still the response by those that gain from taking is what the heck I do not care. It is the lack of that deeper insight that shows 5D or the new paradigm is still not understood by so many. Continue reading

John Smallman – SAUL – You actually have your existence in Heaven

All you light-bearers – and if you read this you are a light-bearer – have been working diligently to help humanity to awaken, and your tireless efforts are bearing fruit. All over the world, people’s attitudes are changing. More and more are making the choice to address and resolve problems and disagreements through peaceful means – transparent negotiations, discussions, and harmonious cooperation – even though mainstream media reporting avoids focusing on these growing areas of brightness and hope.

Hope is an aspect of human nature that has encouraged you to seek satisfaction and meaning beyond the physical environment apparent to your five bodily senses. It has led you to hope that there is more to life than the various physical bodily sensations experienced over a limited period of time, followed by termination for all at their physical deaths. It did not seem to make any sense that the vast and complex creative and cooperative endeavor required to make a human being should end, finally and forever, with death. It seemed totally pointless – so much effort, learning, and suffering – to live only to prepare for death. So much wisdom and knowledge accumulated, and then, in a moment, all of it lost! Continue reading

And the show goes on! Changes have to take place. Do the right thing.

In reading the latest news of the day of 18th august 2011 I see a lot that is making my warning bells tick. Cameron shouting for harder sentencing by the courts in the riot cases.  Also the misconduct case of the MET Police in the case of the News of the World scandal ends with clearing all officers in the case.

The real message of this all is what is behind all this news. It’s a show that has been going on.UKs hope for doing the right thing is gone. I do not see a new policy in the making and debate opened about the reasons behind the riots, nor is there any real urge to make the Murdoch scandal a clean up of more things that are wrong and people have to put up with.

No, only control issues are addressed. Keeping the people in check is the only thing happening.  The hidden agendas of the few in power still are merely shown. A debt crisis that can’t  be solved with any measures is not enough for a new way of thinking.

Changes need to be made in favour of freedom. No more controlling people. Prosperity for all and not the few is needed. A redistribution of all. A new money system without al the speculation and making money on lending and other services is needed.

We have to see that there is enough for everybody on this planet. Food, (Natural) Medicine, Water, Shelter, Clothing, Free-Energy, etc. We have to stop making money and monopolise everything. Sharing will be the new key to unlock. No more Egotistical  thinking of making profit on profit and enrichment over the death bodies of others. Profit does not equal Prosperity for all in this World. No more patenting and octroi in place. Knowledge and developments need to be open source, shared and freely available for all.

But I will stop here in mentioning  a long list of things we can change to make the world really a better World and Earth for all and keeping a balance that our Earth can sustain. Let us see if that what is wrong can’t  be ment.  If it can’t be ment its broke and you have to make new things. That is also true for great philosophers and ideas as we evolve  you need to change thinking. The facts and developments show it. I just say to the people in power of this World: “Do the right thing, NOW!

Love and Light,