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Fran Zepeda – Yeshua and the Company of Heaven: Step Into Your Glorious New Light-Filled World – 19 December 2012

Yeshua.peacenewselves.3Yeshua and the Company of Heaven:

Greetings, One and All, my fellow Lightworkers, the Love of my Heart, the Love of our Hearts.  We present you today with another offering about your ascension.

For many it is already happening, and as I have said, it will happen in just the right way and time for each of you, if that remains your choice, and for you reading this, I trust it is. Continue reading


Gloria Wendroff – The Heavenletters – Hearts – 25 January 2012

God said:
How beautiful are My dreams of you. You come before Me as visions I have had. I see you clearly now, yet you do not see yourself. You may not even see yourself as beautiful. What a pity that is, for you are the apple of My eye. It would be good for you to know this, and to know this as true, that you are beautiful, more than beautiful. You are beauty itself. This has to be true, for you are made in My image. I do not say this lightly.

Early on, it was drummed into you that you were not the marvelous being that I see and know. By people who had no sense of themselves, you learned to have no sense of yourself. What did you think you were? And what did you think you were not? Continue reading

Fran Zepeda – Message from Yeshua – Be Love – 20 January 2012


From time beginning there has been love, unconditional and everlasting, and unequivocally true. My dear friends, you are approaching a period where nothing can compare. You are approaching a time where the hearts of many will be One and the truth will be contained in pure thought, when all that matters will be pure intention, my dear friends. Look at your lives at this moment; consider what is in your hearts. Take a moment to reflect on what is your true desire. Forget what you perceive to be the truth from what others are projecting, and anchor within your hearts right now. Right now dear ones, go inside and dwell in your hearts. Continue reading

Ashtar: Keep your Eyes on the Skies and join Hearts with the Children

Ashtar Keep your Eyes on the Skies and join Hearts with the Children

By FatherMotherGod via The Galactic Free Press.