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Gloria Wendroff – The Heaven Letters – A Palace Of Love – 13 September 2012

God said:

There is a sea within you that flows to the Great Ocean. Back and forth, you sail on this Great Ocean. There are times that your awareness rises to the depths. Rises to the depths, I say.

In the Ocean Deep, I say you rise as you delve into the depths or the heights, for, at those Great Depths, high and low or left and right, do not exist. A sense of direction cannot even enter into the equation. There are no dimensions, directions, attitudes, formulas, absence or presence. There simply is Fullness which can be called the Fullness of Emptiness, or the Emptiness of Fullness. There are no up’s and down’s. There is no moiling at what is called the Depths. There is Stillness. There is Sereneness. There is the basis of Everythingness. Continue reading