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John Ward – BREAKING….Athens Circa 10% Short In Greek Law Sector, Hedgies ‘Confident’ They Can Trigger Insurance – 8 March 2012

“No no no,” screamed Oedipus the Hedgie


Berlin and Frankfurt less than impressed

Sources in European credit management were claiming early this morning that, as suggested here yesterday, the Hedge Fund sector of the credit-swap bondholder haircut may well be in a position to at least embarrass Athens, and probably seal its fate. Following Louise Armitstead’s late piece at the Daily Telegraph website last night, at 3 am GMT today Greek officials expressed confidence, and the Wall Street Journal felt the deal would go ahead. But this is not the view of some European credit suppliers – and  Banking News Greece (BNG)  is now also running an acceptance breakdown that suggests there is trouble immediately ahead for Evangelos Venizelos the Greek finance minister. Continue reading