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Henry O’Leary With Mark Hoza And Friends -12 September 2013

Mark Hoza

(Lucas : Just discern yourselves in all I provide to you as info)

I am very excited to share this impromptu recorded conversation with Henry O’Leary and a few of my friends.  The conversation begins with Henry sharing his overall concerns about some of the current initiatives within “the One People” community around contracting with banks to access our value.  I highly recommend listening to the entirety of the recordings as the discussion had various segments.

Henry has many decades, perhaps centuries (he did suggest that he is quite old) experience in the banking world at a very high level.  He discusses why he doesn’t think that some of the current approaches being explored will work, but he then explored with us some very exciting alternatives to contracting with banks that we all agreed hold far more promise.

Read the whole article including audiofiles at:  www.hoza.me / link to original article