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Lucas – A Message From The Galactic Friends – Are You Ready – Here We Go! – 8 January 2012

Dear brothers and sisters,

As we speak the new is  to manifest upon your earth in a really short time. You can see  the first developments taking place in your media, news, internet,  writings and videos and films. Keep your eyes open. The changes taking place are also having physical and mental implications. Your lightbodies are growing to dislike certain foods and drinks as your mind ( heart chakra now) and higher self and connection to The Source is disliking more and more the lower energies from the state  of duality 3 D and below. This state is for you all in some form still existing and has to be worked on, dear ones.  You can feel the changes in and around you. Great new things are about to happen. Forget the past,  forget your current history, forget the bad things that happened. Be the love and light you always was intended  to be as we shortly will greet you as our Earth families. Continue reading