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John Ward – And Now, Here’s The Station For Whom The News Wouldn’t Be The News Without Missing The Real News, Here’s Beeby!! – 6 September 2014

JohnWMedia in Choice Britannia: bland sofa-speak v lawless phone-hackers. Place your bets…Having enjoyed a seven-month break without BBCNews, the benefit of that gap is just getting home to me: it enables your correspondent to more fully appreciate what an increasingly tooth and issue-free zone old Auntie is becoming.

For a few minutes this morning, it paused from the usual Janet-and-John about Obama meeting a real Briddish family and six-inch snails in the garden to stare blindly up its own bottom. This feature is called Newswatch (I don’t really know why) and consists of various Disgusteds of Gateshead Having Their Say while a bland Beeb News executive blathers about how carefully everything is thought about before it is shown to the public.
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