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Hey Sleeping Beauty… Wake Up!! – 2 June 2013

Sleeping BeautySnow White, Sleeping Beauty, Beauty and the Beast all cast under a spell. The message is in the story, the movie, the song. Permit me to share some insight. There is a solution.

Light and the electromagnetic spectrum of  infrared is also the negative reflection for hertzian frequency as in photography the exact opposite of shadows.
For those who know the story of  David who cracked the DO/BE code a few months ago, keep in mind there is still a spell cast upon the collective human brain/mind/Consciousness reinforced through radio waves and infrared frequencies. Our brains are radio receivers and process through the infrared in the mid-brain. That is the area the spell is closing off, calcifying, and programming into what the puppeteers want the populace to believe about reality. It is all an illusion.   Subconsciously it also works to continuously cast the spell and keep it active. Continue reading