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BZ Riger – Colonel Billie Fay Woodard – Discusses Seeing The Mothership Neptune – 6 February 2012

Colonel Billie Faye Woodard, USAF Retired, who channels his father Zorra, a 5th dimensional being from hollow earth, saw the mothership Neptune. Billie talks about what he saw on the Saturday February 4th edition of his radio show on Hollow Earth Network.

I have made a audio file of the section of the radio show that has Billie’s comments on seeing the Neptune.

Billie – Woodard – Mothership – Neptune -mp3

You can hear the whole radio show at these two links. For the Opening of radio show.    For the second part which is 59 minutes and contains the discussion about the Neptune click here!.

http://www.the2012scenario.com link to original article

Nancy Tate – Horus – Wake Up Call – 14 January 2012

I am Horus, and I am here today to tell you of a development in the activities of the Inner and Hollow Earth beings. We are going toward a discovery that has been made in the industries of earth that is incorporating the indefinable elements with those that have already been defined as organic and helpful to your system. Those that are being defined, as I speak, are the ones that will be incorporated into the ecosystem that is in place. Together with the elements that have been defined and seen as being helpful to the climate they will be undergoing a melding in purpose that will bring together the powers of intent and potential to bring about a huge wave of cleansing in the energies of the earth’s atmosphere.

As I bring you this news, I also see many instances in which there are breakthroughs that are already bringing changes about in the minds of those who are investigating this. There have been many sightings of UfOs in the skies and when these particular people on earth see them, they are given many suggestions that materialize in their systems of intellect as reminders of that which they already know. This enables them to bring this to their consciousness and work with that knowledge to bring forth the formulas and intricacies that are springing forth in their laboratories. Continue reading