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Lisa Gawlas – Holy February Batman!! Hyper-Accelerated New Matrix Underway!!! – 4 February 2015

lisagawlas2One of the last readings I did in January, suddenly becomes a very vivid memory this morning, probably because I had the same experience February 1st and 2nd and many of you are about to experience similar energies thru February!!  So hold on!!!

My lady opened up on the field and the first thing I was aware of was the billowing of the winds, the winds of change!!  I looked for my lady then let out a laugh, she was holding onto the magnet pole, that I absolutely know now, represents March and the March Equinox, her body almost parallel to the ground as the winds where whaling her and all she could do was hang on for dear life.  What I did find interesting, was that the winds were coming in from the future, so strong, holy shit strong!!!  As her teams said, gale force winds, or something like that.  But what did that mean to her?  I don’t freakin know, spirit wasn’t budging with any further details.

That was going to be about the last thing I seen before february cuz the next day, my landline and internet went down for two days, as we closed out the final touches of January with a constant snow in my world. Continue reading