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Sophia Love – Honesty, Obedience, Fidelity…Love? – 7 April 2015


 So, how do you love under any circumstance?  Without opinion or expectation, disappointment or judgment?  What does love like that look like?

If your love is conditional, then by definition you require those conditions to be met for it to continue.  This is how conditions actually work.  This physical life is conditional.  It requires oxygen.  If you take away my oxygen, I no longer have it.  I die. Continue reading


Visionkeeper – Honesty…- 29 March 2013

martha-amy-doctor-doctor-who-favim-com-594832(Picture by http://www.favim.com)

I was reading a blog earlier and it was talking about the coming financial collapse and in the same breath they were discussing the two billion rounds of Hollow Point ammunition the DHS has purchased. I sat there a moment and thought about it and began to wonder what is happening to people all over the world who are living under this pressure cooker of waiting for the world to implode. Continue reading