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Ron Van Dyke – Honoring Free Will Is The Right Choice – 27 March 2013

Uploaded on 27 March 2013 by Ron Van Dyke We’ve all been given the gift of life by our Creator, however we see that and whatever we think that may be. As those of us that see the OPPT for what it is – a declaration of freedom for all that choose to be free – that gift to be and to do includes free will. Many, like me, wish everyone would see this clearly and choose to be free and live in peace with one another. Nevertheless, there are many that cannot see clearly yet. A lot of people have been too wounded and are too fearful to be free and to see the value of freedom for everyone with all of the personal responsibilities that entails. The thought of people not choosing freedom, as I said in yesterday’s emotional video, leaves me feeling very sad. I want all of us to come home together. Still, I know, and as many reminded me yesterday, I must honor each one’s choice to return to his and her natural essence whenever and however is chosen by each individual. To honor free will is always the right choice. That is Love.